Tuesday, November 13, 2012

welcome relief from my baby girl

After what seemed like an eternity of paperwork, waiting rooms, and even more ultrasound pictures (and we thought baby d was well photographed!), the Ultrasound doctor informed me that there was absolutely nothing to worry about. They still had a difficult time trying to get certain anatomical photos taken because it seems little miss A is even more squirmy than her big brother, but they got everything they needed and were able to deduce that if there was something missing, it was probably (technician) human error. My tech this time around was so sweet and even let me see my little girl wiggle around in 4D. I remember seeing other people doing 4D ultrasounds (usually just used for fun) and thinking I would never in a million years do that, but when it just happened, I was overjoyed. This baby business has never seemed so real and after asking the tech to check "just one more time" if she was indeed still a she (yes!), I am ready to start some baby girl planning.

I know I have said a bazillion times to people that if and when I have a girl, she will be my daughter, little d's sister, etc and NOT a diva/princess/whathaveyou. Well, she is defying me already with this hand to the head, diva-esque pose even Beyonce would be proud of her for. (even if her rapid movements do make her face seem a little more alienesque)
 there is something so lovely about seeing the human anatomy in such a tiny little skeletal body.
 And my favorite shot... the tech swore she was laughing at us and it was funny to see her  move that little mouth and look like she was trying to tell me something... probably "where's dad so I can give him a kick?"
Little d got his first kick from little sister this morning, I had his hand on my stomach because she was moving around so much while we were watching PBS from my bed, and sure enough, she kicked and it startled him enough to break the PBS glaze over his eyes, jump a little and ask "wass dat? wha happened to your tummy?" It was absolutely priceless and I told him she was giving him a high five.
Now we gotta get dad in on the baby-kicking action :)
Counting my many blessings today.


Have Your Way said...

how sweet!!!
Awww did little D get a haircut?! He is precious!!!! Also cute little desserts little d and Mr. D are eating!!

Debbie said...

What a sweet post!! So happy to hear that everything is wonderful. You know, I thought that I was going to always dress my daughter girly... but I ended up enjoying dressing her like me (which makes for some pretty androgynous outfits most of the time). People often comment how cute my little boy is... and I guess I can't blame them. I did dress her in navy stripes and black jeggings... oh well. I don't know where i was going with that. Anyway, Congratulations on your beautiful happy healthy daughter. I cannot wait to see pictures of her on the other side of your belly! :)

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