Tuesday, November 06, 2012

so you had a bad day

I finally consented to the fact that I could either continue to mope about for the remainder of the day on my sad state or actually do something about it. So I took little d to the petstore, purchased some new workout clothes that actually fit me in this moment, and bought some veggies to make a healthy-ish dinner. It shouldn't come as a shock to me that eating terrible food contributes to making me feel terrible and eating a balanced meal did wonders to lift my mood. I even voted (got out of the house before noon!), ran outside today--2 miles (a side pain forced me to walk the last mile after that) in case you are wondering, just to the library and back. It was freezing and mostly miserable at one point in time or another for little d or I, but we made it and there were a good feel good moments mixed into there.
Mostly it felt good to get yesterday over and done with and start over with a new day. I didn't realize how affected I would be by daylight savings in Boston (no sun after 4:15?!) and now I know to get outside and get my vitamin D before the day is done, no matter how cold and miserable it might be. Beats living in a cave. Super grateful for Mr. D and the little d (and some very kind words from some very kind friends and family) to help me get through to today. My situation has not changed but my outlook has, and sometimes that is all you need. And love, actually. I think it's time to bust out the holiday music. :) 16 week and 18 week posts forthcoming... can you believe we find out TBD's gender this week? I'm SO excited.

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Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

it's all about the perspective!! CHRISTMAS IS SO SOON THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!! and finding your baby's gender out EEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!

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