Thursday, November 15, 2012

pinning a baby room

Last time around, I was obsessed with this bedding called Circle Time, and pretty much planned my entire nursery around it, focusing on lots of bright, happy colors. I knew even before I got pregnant this time that I did NOT want a pink room if we were having a girl. Pink is fine in moderation, or more specifically, hot pink is the proper color of all things I own to make them easy to spot that I try not to lose (my phone, my computer), so I suppose that would be good defense for putting pink on a newborn. But I digress. Pink is okay for clothing but not for a bedroom. Even if my daughter turns out to be of the barbie/princess variety (which considering the sports brainwashing her dad, uncles and brother will give her, I highly doubt) I will never allow a pink room in my home. No offense to the pink bathroom, mom. :)

This time I am just in love with the ideas of sunflowers, the theme "you are my sunshine" and lots of neutrals with splashes of yellow. I am not yet sure how this is all going to pan out having a boy and a girl in the same room together since I have always thought of yellow as a feminine color (and also having that same room sideline as an office for Mr. D), but then again we have yet to nail down a contract on an apartment, so in the meantime I will delight myself in daydreaming. I am fully aware I am breaking a cardinal rule in blogging by not citing my sources, but most of them did not link up properly in pinterest, so those parties will just have to excuse my mistake. Presenting my Pinspiration:

While I am not planning on making any huge purchases (since we don't really have the means to bust out a whole new bedroom furnishing in addition to baby girl clothes, plus I already have a crib and a wonderful glider), I think I will be attempting some DIY projects in the next few months assuming I can find some fabulous fabric and a sewing machine. I'm rather excited about this new endeavor and it will be even more exciting once we have a place to put it into practice.

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