Monday, November 19, 2012

making a(nother) pinterest inspired halloween party

all photos are mine.

clementines with sharpie

 my personal favorite: veggie skeletons

 I was super proud of my empanadas... we ended up baking them and they turned out divine. The best part was having so many leftovers that we ate them for breakfast for a few days afterwards.
 and the whole spread:
 blueberries in ice cubes
 While most everyone got sick the day of the party (including myself), leaving us with a feast for a relative few, it was fun for my parents and ourselves to dress up and practice before the real trick or treating began the next day.

 and last but not least, little d's favorite dish of the night... pears and berries
 and my spidery seven layer dip
although it was fun making food with my mom, hopefully the next party I throw I won't spend all day making food that I get too sick to eat! :)

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