Thursday, November 22, 2012

catchup on life B.C. (before columbus, that is)

we started out our october festivities with a family game of mini golf... in freezing temperatures, no less.
 we were the only ones on the course (it closed at halloween for the season) and we had a blast.
 little d, being the seasoned pro that he is, understood that since he was less experienced, he had earned the right to a handicap of "right in front of the obstacle we were aiming at" at each hole (as shown below).
 no sporting event is complete without a little assistance from dad
 and i got a few holes in one..including at the last hold which meant we got a free round of golf! Unfortunately since it was so cold and we ended up going to Ohio a few days later, we never got around to using it but it was still awesome to know that we could have gone and played for free again.
 did I mention it started to get REALLY cold right before we left?
 I finally busted out the winter coats, and just in time for another elementary school fundraiser/carnival...the pumpkin festival!
 none of the girls who worked at the sports booths new of little d's sporting superiority so they scooted him real close and were completely shocked at how well he did! which is funny, since no matter how good little d is, he STILL acts super shocked and supremely happy when he does well. After what felt like an hour in the bounce house, he used up his tickets to play soccer, hockey, golf, and then go into the not so scary haunted house with his little gaggle of girlfriends.

 the beechwood posse:

 Oh and did I mention that we would make him hit up the cakewalk every chance we could convince him to? I may or may not be obsessed with store bought cake, plasticky frosting and all. At least he won one this time:
 we used up nearly all the remnants of his sticker collection during a church meeting that he was SO good in...
 and there were only a few fights I had to break up recently... having a "four year old" (kevs) and a two year old makes for some interesting love/hate interactions.
 "wanna touch my finger?"
 and while sunday evenings are usually pretty difficult, Mr. D had the brilliant idea to go to the temple... it was gorgeous and a lovely evening for playing ball (even if SOMEONE couldn't really play because she had to hold all the puppies and "towels" for a little other someone) and walking around the lovely temple grounds.
 and right before we left, Mr. D and I did a little early Christmas clothes (or late back to school) shopping for little d, who has a belly that grows bigger than any other part of his body. I wonder why...
 My favorite clothing combo... nothing cuter on a little boy than skinnies and a polo.

 posing with his bedtime crew, post nap.
 helping mom make dinner
 working hard or hardly working
 and making our delish playdoh a ninja?
 the saddest day was thursday, our last day at our beloved gym. We had an apartment lined up for November that was a bit farther away than I would have liked to travel to go to a gym, and as good as they have taken care of little d and I, I made the executive decision to cancel our membership with the hopes that we would sign a new contract when we got back and were moved in. Since we have been delayed in that apartment-attainment process, I seriously regret this decision, but there was no way I would have know that Sandy would knock out a tree in our prospective new apartment's yard, and it would take so long to take care of it. Oh well. We both got lollipops on our last day so that made for some happy campers.
 and lest we forget the yearly calvin and hobbes photo shoot...

 little d was much more cooperative than the kevs for a change. he kept whispering for him to "calm down! almost done!"

 then began the night of packing... someone knew what was coming and that he would not like it one bit.
 we said goodbye to dad and that was hard on little d. he is used to seeing the Mr go into the airport as we say goodbye, not the other way around. He missed him really bad and kept asking when he was coming to join us.
 thankfully, it was my very first nonstop flight ever with this kid and it was two hours of george, food, movies, and toddler entertainment for the whole flight. Let it be known it was our first enjoyable flight ever.
 wallace and gromit (I should have brought more kid friendly earphones)
 I love this face.
 and then he insisted on holding my hand while we watched movies, and my heart about completely melted out of my chest. best moment of the best flight ever.

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Eric and Andrea said...

Your little man is so cute!

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