Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Boy or girl? Round 2

We got super lucky and little d was not shy at all to show us the goods at our first ultrasound, where I was pretty convinced it was a girl, if only because the thought of a son was pretty terrifying to me and we had no boy names. This time I have no fears either way. I'd just like to be able to call him or her his or her name instead of TBD (guess I should have thought of a more endearing nickname).

I feel much more at peace with the gender ultrasound this time around. I am pretty sure this is a boy because this pregnancy has been nearly textbook identical to the first. We have names picked out for both genders, a pre requisite for me to even get pregnant this time.

And if we can't tell the gender at all because someone's legs stay crossed, or shows off the backside instead of the front? I won't lose sleep over it. I have another ultrasound at 32 weeks, or there is always seeing the baby in person.

So for the record... I'm calling boy. Although I do get a little excited to think about the slim possibility of TBD being a girl, if only because once we have one of each, we won't find out the gender until the birth day.

Fingers (but not legs) crossed we find out tomorrow afternoon.

What gender do you think TBD is?


Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

okay, even simply for the fact of what you'll do with baby #3 if baby TBD is a girl...i want it to be a girl so so bad!!! but i think it'll be a boy too. and i think either #3 (or #4) will be the first girl. my guess though (:

Rachael said...

I am going to go with girl. Just because last time you called girl and it was a boy and this time you are calling boy, so I'll go with girl.

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