Tuesday, November 20, 2012

20 weeks pregnant with #2

halfway there... finally!

craving: hershey kisses, anything with real cheese, yoplait yogurts (peach and raspberry), salty snacks like pistachios or chips, turkey and cheese sandwiches, apples, baked goods.

averting: still the same devilish three... guacamole (poor mr. d even had to return a salad because they gave me one with guacamole on it!), nutella (just the sight of it makes my stomach churn), ice cream (I can eat it, but it is almost too sweet for my liking, I do not enjoy it!). Also add eggs in there, I can't stand the sight of them.

thinking about: the last two weeks have certainly been the craziest of this pregnancy. I have gained the most amount of weight (which happened this time last time around) so I went from feeling sorta pregnant to REALLY pregnant in a short period of time. We found out TBD is a girl and are still reeling from a multitude of emotions with that. We had to get a second anatomical ultrasound, freaked out for a few days, then got the enormous blessing of some lovely photos and 4D images of our precious baby girl. I am super excited to have another female to balance out our male dominated family, but mostly it has been nice to use her name, which I love more and more as we use it with more frequency. Also little d says it in the most endearing way that I just adore.

working on: my fitness. No but seriously, I finally did some research and found a thirty dollar pass for thirty days at a nearby gym with no childcare but at least I am able to go during little d's nap and get a little workout in, which has made a world of a difference. Despite gaining weight, I feel better about myself than I have the last month, and I feel more at peace with our current living situation. The downside is that this leaves no time for napping, so by 8pm I am exhausted and ready to go to bed, but I also sleep better than I have all pregnancy. This could be second trimesterness or the gym or a combo of both, I don't know and quite frankly it doesn't matter. I fell like myself again.

looking forward to: my next doctor's appointment on Nov 29, the day before my 27th birthday. also taking little d to his first dental appointment tomorrow. Some quality relaxing time with Mr. D, who has two days off this week which will be wonderful, especially since he will be gone the following week for work (I know, how dare he work the week of my birthday? rude).

enjoying: most everything about little d, aside from his "not listening" phase that is driving me bananas on occasion. little kicks from baby A that have been felt by her brother although not yet by her daddy. there is truly nothing I have ever experienced in my entire life quire like that of feeling my babies move inside of me.

comparison to #1: While most of my crazy pregnant dreams last time around centered on Mr. D cheating on me and leaving me, the ones this time around are of some terrible disaster where I lose my family....so we won't be taking any cruises, cheap flights to africa, or train rides in the near future. :) I am +12 with this pregnancy which is a big deal for me, since I was at +21 at this time in my pregnancy with little d... it makes a big difference in how I feel and what I can do (I can still run slow 2 miles!) which is a welcome relief since my main goal this pregnancy is to gain less than the 47 pounds I gained last time. Not a terribly lofty goal, but one I am really trying hard to stick to, mostly for the sake of little d (playing with a beached whale who barely has enough energy to eat is no fun at all!).

Maybe it is having a boy vs. girl, maybe it is being more active and aware of what I eat (although I eat plenty, mom, not to worry) but this is the first week I have noticed such a big difference!

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Stefanie D. said...

You look so great Ruth!

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