Friday, November 23, 2012

2 years 4 months

little d at 26 months...

-loves singing. it reminds me (especially around this time) of the movie, Elf in that he is constantly singing or humming a little song. the best songs are the ones that are mashed versions of three or four different songs.

-is still extremely polite. while i was at the gym today, i guess he refused to say please in order to get a cup, and he retold me the story when I got back, that "I not say da magic word and daddy give me a time out." This was really strange to be because he is always saying his pleases, bless you's and thank you's, but I guess it goes to show that even little d isn't perfect.

-still loves to read. story time at the library is still a mess, but at home he is content to sit and read a book over and over again, or (if you're lucky) to bring you book after book, putting the other one away before he gets out another one. We go to the library to get a new set of 6-8 books every week, and those books stay upstairs while the books he owns are in the basement where we sleep. It helps mix up the reading and makes it seem like we have many more books than we already do. Occasionally he will request to read to me after I have read it to him, and he can recite quite a few books (goodnight moon) by heart, which I just love.

-loves his Captain America "caus-tchoom" (I love the way he says it), so we keep it in the living room and he puts it on just about every time he sees it. It reminds me of a little girl wanting to put on a princess dress, and I figure dress up for boys is okay so long as it's a super cool superhero costume.

-the other day, we were about to read a book together on my bed before his nap, I was just getting dressed for the gym and he refused to let me put on my shirt. when mr. d walked into the room and noticed I was only wearing a sports bra and workout pants, he gave me a confused look and little d told him  he wanted to see his sister. He then proceeded to put the book up close to my bellybutton and give my stomach a smattering of kisses.

-has started to get chores! although I doubt he realizes it. I have him feed the Kevs twice a day, clean up his toys, and assist me in cooking/baking and helping me out in general. We were making pizza rollups in crescent rolls and he did good for awhile till he tasted the spaghetti sauce and thought it was divine or something because he ended up eating half the jar using a spoon! We also made these little acorn lookalike things from pinterest that were absolute TORTURE for him... we had to unwrap hershey kisses without eating them? I was able to get him to only eat two after helping me.

-speaking of "firshey kisses" (or fishey kisses, depending on his mood), he is in LOVE with them. I tried convincing him to potty train a few times with the bribery of M&Ms but it seems as though I should have been trying kisses. he accidently painted one (dropped the brush on the paper and it magically looked like a hershey kiss) the other day and shows it off to me just about every day since.

-can draw smilie faces. this was probably a natural development from his first circles, but it still astounds me. he can also manage to draw sad faces, although not always on purpose. He usually tells me "I can't draw/do that, YOU do it!" which drives me nuts (how many times have I heard that in the two years I taught art?!) but I try to get him to do it himself and he is usually very satisfied with how well he does.

-gets the jist (mostly the tune) of the ABC song, but mostly just throws in letters and words. the only letter he honestly recognizes is "D", and I think that is just because Dunkin Donuts  has two D's in it, and that is the only non sports logo he can recognize in about a half second. sometimes this worries me since i feel like all my friends with 2 year olds have them writing their names already (little d can barely hold a writing utensil properly), but then i realize he is only two, and has three more years till i have to worry about his writing skills. he does like it when he tells me someone's name and i spell it and write it out for him. i'll take what i can get.

-still wakes up between 6 and 7, although we were at an after 730 am spurt for a bit which was lovely. He hollers "moooooom-meeeeeeee! I'm awaaaake!" and then after I respond and I do not come immediately he asks, "Are you changing your clothes? are you in your bed? are you tired? where'd daddy go?" etc. He is EXTREMELY talkative from the nanosecond he wakes up to when he goes to bed, and he always has something to say about everything.

-loves curious george and mickey mouse. it is so interesting to me to watch with him and ask him about what is happening or who is who, or when I don't watch with him and he retells what happened in that episode. He is so smart and is able to recall information pretty accurately.

-has started to take a liking to popular music, mostly stuff he hears on the radio. For the longest time I could only play blue's clues songs or "call me maybe", and now a song will come on on the radio and he will announce "this is my favorite!" or "I like this song" or, on occasion, "This is mommy's/daddy's song." Some of those songs include fun's "some nights", Neon trees "everybody talks", flo rida's "whistle" (he ADORES that song), havana brown's "we run the night" (where he loves to chime in on the high pitched "WHOOP!"), LMFAO's "sexy and I know it" (although he calls it elmo's song) and "party rock anthem", the latter of which he surprisingly knows a LOT of the words to. The latest craze is Psy's "Gangnam style" which he calls "whoop whoop" or "sty-ole" and is positively obsessed with. He can also do the dance (thanks, DK!).

-he eats just about anything I do (keep in mind I am still eating very few vegetables, so by default so is he) but his go-to staples are gogurts (which he can now open the fridge on his own and get out, so I think he eats about 2 a day, but it could be more), cereal, and "sammy's", any sandwich but usually deli or peanut butter. the colder temps have also brought out my love for hot cocoa, so I warm up a little half filled mug of milk for 30 seconds and he scoops his carnation instant breakfast into it to be "just like mommy".

-is rocking the short hair. I just got so few up with the upkeep of longish hair that we ended up buzzing both he and mr.d's hair to a one inch... after seeing all those lovely locks I was a little heartbroken, but he can actually see without hair in his eyes, looks awesome with his hair gelled a little bit, and hopefully won't need a haircut till summer if I'm lucky.

-time outs have become tricky. since we watch a lot of sports (and every sport has time outs), we have had to distinguish between the "sports" time outs, and the "you just did something naughty/need to calm down" time out. For sports we make the "T" signal and say "time out...wait a minute!". He still gets confused and the other day we were talking about a time out in a celtics game and little d walks over to his timeout chair and sat there. It about broke my heart! I rushed over and reassured him he was a good boy and didn't do anything. I think it's about time to officially change the name of the time out chair to calm down chair. Poor guy.

-we had trick or treating the last month and he loved every moment of it. his endurance in walking on his own continues to amaze me. It won't be long before he no longer wants to be in a stroller and will just be walking (or running?) alongside me.

-baseball season may be over but we have had a sudden resurgence in baseball activities by this boy. He has started running and sliding, catching fly balls, diving catches, playing catch, etc. I don't know where he picked that up, since I am pretty sure sportscenter has not shown baseball highlights in over a month. He has also requested to footrace me and others, using a track style start. Still no clue where he got that either. and running into walls he suddenly thinks is hysterical, and has deemed it hilarious for everyone else, so he is constantly showing off in that way.

-is an active flirt. he loves girls, dubs certain ones as "my favorite" (even if he doesn't know them) and will fake fall and pause dramatically (for laughter?) before getting up. I am starting to wonder when he will start pulling pigtails.

-calls just about everyone he knows "his friend". he has gotten pretty good at predicting who will be in certain places at certain times (mike and Mr. d are at work during the day, darsi is usually at home, kevin is usually in the basement or outside, the neighbor kids are at school, etc).

-can watch sporting events with us, on TV or in person. TV is a little better, since we rewatch every action packed goal, injury, etc over and over again (much to his delight). he always asks a lot of questions about what we are watching, and I am happy to answer them. he asks a lot of questions, period, most of the time I love it, but right before bedtime/naptime...not so much.

-now knows the tune and most of the words to "I am a child of god", and loves to sing it with me (along with popcorn song, sunbeam song, a lot of preschool songs and a few other church songs), although he calls it "chai-da dog" and one verse he sings "has given me an earthly home, with kevins kind and dear." Too funny to correct, I say.

-tantrums are still too common for my liking, but I am fine with them since most of them happen at home (thank goodness). we are working on his listening skills (he loves ignoring me when I ask him to do something), so we have been talking a lot about being obedient and a good listener... we shall see how that turns out. It may be frustrating at times (especially at diaper changes where I am NOT willing to chase after him to pin him down), but if he thinks he is making me sad he is pretty sensitive to it and is usually quicker to change his ways.

All in all, he is darling, easily excitable (watching the thanksgiving parade was like christmas morning-- every float was greeted with a crazed scream, I come home from the gym and he flings open the door with a HUGE goofy grin, waving and chanting "hi momma! come in! come in!", etc), absolutely loving (he fights with us over who gets to shower his parents with kisses and hugs, especially when we are hugging or kissing each other, he jumps right in and shares in on the love...adorable!), witty and observant, more handsome than is good for him, and absolutely turning into a smart, sly little guy when it comes to getting what he wants. I cannot wait to see what the next month holds in store for us.

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