Friday, November 09, 2012

18 weeks pregnant with #2

Aversions: guacamole and nutella. Also mcflurries, any ice cream with anything mixed in it, tacos, deviled eggs (or any kind of eggs), mexican food in general, and ground meat thanks to food poisoning from Taco bell in week 17.

Cravings: french fries, Steak n Shake chocolate shake, burgers and french fries. Chicken soup, orange jello, juice, saltine crackers (thanks to being sick).

Sleep/working out:I am finally able to get some stuff done in the afternoon while little d naps instead of just collapsing myself which has been nice, and it helps me to fall asleep faster at night. Daylight savings threw us for a loop (little d was consistently waking up at 7-8 am which was AWESOME for the week before DS), but hopefully we will stabilize eventually. I have been able to sleep through the night without having to get up every few hours to go to the bathroom which has been fabulous. Working out is difficult since we had rain in Ohio all of last week, then snow for a few days in MA this week and that makes it difficult to run with a stroller. Also making it difficult? The child in the stroller who wants nonstop "Call me maybe" on repeat, as well as an infinite supply of snacks fed to him and to talk to me while I run even though I can barely hear him, until he falls asleep which is another problem altogether because then I have to keep him awake usually by getting him out of the stroller for a bit. Needless to say, our runs now take double or longer than they used to take me. And right now that's all I have is running.

Best moment of the last two weeks: Finally feeling baby move! We were bowling as a family of three and TBD was moving around so much while I was standing it was almost as if he/she just wanted to leap out and play with us too!! I was thinking he/she wasn't much of a mover since I felt him/her later than I felt little d moving but sure enough, I feel those little flutters!

Symptoms: headaches. daily headaches that will not go away. and if they do it is only temporarily and just about anything and everything can set them off. It is a super pain. Still really tired but in the last few days I haven't felt quite as fatigued, which is good because I want at least a few weeks of energy to get stuff ready (and hopefully move) before the third trimester fatigue sets in.

What I'm looking forward to: Finding out baby's gender on NOV 9!!

What I'm nervous about this week: Taco Bell had me puking my guts out literally, last week, and I wasn't able to eat normally for about two days after that, mostly subsisting on chicken soup and jello. I was really excited to come home and have a doctors appointment so I was able to hear baby's heartbeat but I still worry that he/she lost nutrients from that debacle. Never again, Taco Bell. Never ever ever ever again.

What I miss: While it has been nice (especially on our wallets) to be living with family the last 14+ months, I miss being a family of three. As much as I love my family and my in-laws, I miss just hanging out at home for the weekend and not doing much of anything but just being together as parents and only child. I am really looking forward to getting our own place so I can enjoy being a family of three for these last 4.5 months.

Random: It was this point in my last pregnancy that we moved to our last Utah apartment and I remember thinking how huge I felt. Even though I am about the same size I actually feel better now than I did then. Maybe I'm just getting used to the gaining weight thing? :)

Weight gain: +10 
Officially in double digits but it is a few pounds less than where I was with #1 at this stage in the game.
A bit surprising to me, since I haven't been able to really workout at all in the last week or so and don't think I have been eating very well but hopefully I can get back on track this week and eating a little better will help me feel better each day even if I can't get a daily run in.

Comparison to #1: 

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Quinn skyler said...

That's a good sign, you are not effected with the overweight problem, make sure to maintain a good diet according to your trimester.

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