Friday, November 09, 2012

16 weeks pregnant with #2 (two weeks late)

Aversions: same old. guacamole, nutella. I can eat ice cream now but really just prefer the soft serve vanilla over just about anything.

Cravings: french fries! burgers. naturally salty foods. processed foods like easy mac and ramen. also being at home has made me return to my favorite cinnamon bread with PB sandwich, which I feel like I am eating twice a day.

Sleep/working out: I feel like my life is consumed at the moment with sleeping, eating, chasing after little d and not much else. I should work out at night but I am almost too tired at night to even watch TV. Working out is happening (barely) but is soooo much more difficult without the gym. 

Best moment of the last two weeks
: getting to spend time with my little brother and parents. watching him in the marching band (so proud of that kid!) and watching him interact with little d (especially hide and seek). Also having Anna come visit for a few days. I miss her so bad and wish Sarah could have been there too, but I will take what I can get.
Symptoms: daily headaches. fatigue. back pain. SO tired still. (is this tiredness ever going to end?!) It is terribly difficult to stay awake after putting little d down for a nap. Also my muscles in the lower half of my body get super tight during the day so foam rolling before bedtime has become routine. I really miss my foam roller out here in Ohio and can't wait to be reunited with it once again.

What I'm looking forward to: More family time in Ohio.. we had a week without Mr. D and we are excited to have him with us on "vacation" for a few days, even if he still has to work while he is here. It has been a nice change of pace to get out of Boston for a bit.

What I'm nervous about this week: Finding an apartment. The election! Finding out the baby's gender at 18 weeks. Gaining too much weight since I won't be at the gym or near a scale for another week.

What I miss: Nothing.

Random: As a gym rat, not having a gym pass in Ohio has not been terrible since I have gotten a few runs in (and half a workout DVD) but there is a reason why I love a gym with childcare. Can't wait to get back to MA and sign up for a Gold's Gym. It is funny to think that the weight I am at now, I was at when I had to taper for the marathon and put on some weight (because I was still hungry as a beast but not running as much). Funny to think about stuff like that.

Weight gain: +7
Comparison to #1: This upcoming two weeks was when I pregnant with little d was when I gained about a pound a day for a week. It was pretty devastating and while I know it doesn't matter how much weight I put on, I am just trying to be healthier so that I can gain it steadily and still be able to do things with little d.
Not the best picture from #1, but you get the idea. I've been looking about the same.

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