Tuesday, October 16, 2012

when mommy is out... it's party time woody!

Mr. D doesn't get a ton of time alone out and about with little d like I do. Mostly because if we are going to do something and he's not working, I don't want to be left out! But a few Saturdays ago (don't worry, I should be caught up on blogging at this rate before the next baby comes) I had some meetings to go to, and it happened to fall on a Wild West carnival weekend. All photos are courtesy of Mr. D.

 One of these football shots (of the ball going into the hole, mind you) made it into the local paper!!

A morning of goodies instead of meals, nonstop games and hanging out with dad. Nothing could be better.

1 comment:

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

i could not be more in love with this post. daddy-child time is precious time (: especially daddy-son outings! just love your ball boy...and i bet this won't be the last time his sports skills land him in the local paper (:

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