Friday, October 12, 2012

Weeks like this week, days like today

I feel so overwhelmed when I look at little d and think about what a miracle he is in my life. I cannot imagine life without him and I am so grateful for his presence and his health (yes, including the over abundance of energy!). I love my son so very much and cannot put down in words how incredible the last two plus years have been. I am truly amazed at the sweet, polite, talented boy we have and I can't help by think how fortunate we are to have him as our firstborn and as the big brother to all future siblings.

And to top it all off, baby started moving tonight!!!! Faint infrequent little butterfly movements but definitely a feeling I knew and recognized. Almost two weeks earlier than with little d (which was between 16 and 18 weeks), but since I didn't know exactly what to expect the first time around, who knows for sure. I'll be 15 weeks on tuesday and only have about three weeks till we can start calling TBD a she or a he!

1 comment:

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

ayyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeekKKKKKK!!! I canNOT wait to find out!! you have no idea :D

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