Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday miracles

He woke up at 7:03 am. O to the MG.
Meaning he slept for 11 hours or the first time since I don't know when... Most nights I am lucky to get 9.5 hours.

We spent an incredible morning running 4 miles (and only listening to "call me maybe" about 6 times), followed by some time at my old stomping grounds (high school baby) playing in the baseball and soccer fields, and watching a pee wee football game at the stadium that he did not want to leave!

On our drive to 1pm church, he fell asleep in the car (to be fair, he told me at least three times he was soooo tired but not sleeping yet) and proceeded to sleep in my arms for all of 40 minutes. This has happened one other time in the last 2 years and I cannot tell you how much I missed and loved and never wanted it to end.

We have not had a "good" Sunday in longer than I can remember, most of them being sleep deprived, tantrum loaded, etc. Tender mercies like today make me realize this is what makes being a mother completely worth anything and everything and makes it the best job on the planet.

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Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

(: miracle baby. as always.

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