Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My First earthquake

Growing up in Ohio I have dealt with my fair share of tornado watches and warnings, in Utah I was in constant fear (thanks to a weather and natural disasters class at BYU) of living directly on a major fault line and experiencing an earthquake "land before time" style (that would engulf all of Utah valley, naturally) and tonight I was on the phone with my dad in the kitchen and the most bizarre thing happened and the entire house shook for about 5 seconds!! I remember my mom told me about the time she felt her first earthquake (of many since she lived in Chile), and I wanted to remember mine. Thankfully it was centered in far away Maine, and although it was a 4.6, it was very shallow and that was how we felt it in Massachusetts.

Good thing we have superman to protect us :)


Carrie said...

I definitely felt it up here! My first one too!

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

supppppppppppper man!!

ps if i die in an earthquake that engulfs all of utah valley...run a marathon with anna in my memory. because now i'm slightly terrified of this reality now that you mention it. please and thanks (:

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