Friday, October 05, 2012

little d a little over 2 years and 2 months

random bits and pieces I want to remember about this time that seems to continue to go by so fast (he never listens when I tell him to stop growing so big so fast!)
-favorite color is green (or so he says).
-he loves play doh... making "cookies", playing with the thing where you push down and it squeezes out different noodle-like squiggles, cutting it with the play doh scissors, etc. He requests play doh at least once a day, and usually at his little table and chair.
-although he requests ridiculous food for meals (chocolate chips, chocolate milk, chocolate pretzels, teddy grahams), I have figured out that with few exceptions if I make something, he will probably eat it. Although not pancakes anymore because he picks out the chocolate chips in them.

-he has grown quite fond of babies. he requests that I wrap up his two puppies he sleeps with (Blue puppy and Roscoe) in a recieving blanket so that he can tote them around or just to make sure they are "ready" for bed. I also caught him putting a baby doll to sleep at the gym childcare, and the girl who works there has been telling me more frequently that when a baby cries, he tries to feed, sing, or otherwise console him/her.
-the other night he pulled up my shirt and started whispering to the baby (hand cupped over his mouth and all) through my belly button. It was just about the cutest thing ever. He also shushes me when I talk too loud (or at all) when he thinks the baby (or any of his stuffed animals) are asleep.
-he is protesting going to bed again, with every excuse in the book. Every time goes a little something like this: "Mooooooom! Mom! Mooom meeeee! I neeeeeed youuuuuu. Mom? Where are you mom? Where mom go? (fake sob) Mom, I got hurt! I got an oweeee! Mom? Where dad go? Mom I'm stuck in the crib! Help me! I thirsty. I need my water. Hey! Where'd roscoe go? Mom, Where's owl? I miss my brother. I need my brother!" ....You get the idea.

-prayers are essential bedtime ritual, mostly so he can hold one of my hands while laying down, having me rub his back with my other hand, and he lists off every family member and thing he is grateful for. I am pretty sure this is just a procrastination tactic, since he prays for "des" as well as "kevin garnett" and "my brother".
-jumping jacks are the new running around. He still loves playing sports but will randomly ask if we should start doing jumping jacks, pushups, situps, etc. and start doing them. he also found some cheering pom poms in the basement and now makes me cheer him on while he shoots hoops from the trampoline. Multitasker.

-it is a good thing he is the only morning person in this family because his is sooooo sweet in the morning. he wants to kiss me, kiss dad, tell us he loves us, snuggle in our bed with us, and tell us all about the crazy things he thinks about. It is fun to hear him retell activities that we have done together, like seeing Curious George at the Mall, "I see george! I high five him! I hug him. I like that curious george."
-curious george, mickey mouse, blue's clues. In that order. In case you were curious.
-there is a strange period now where he refuses to change out of his clothes. one day he smelled so bad and refused to shower or change that I had to take off his socks and make him smell them. Needless to say he got bathed and changed. It's like he wants things to stay as they are, especially in the morning. I am embarassed to admit I let him leave the house in christmas mickey mouse pj's the other day because I needed to get to the gym and he refused to let me change him. I hope its a passing phase.

-we locate kevin together just about every time we come home, come upstairs, or just haven't seen him in awhile. little d loves asking him how he's doing, what he's doing, and just mimicking me as I pet and talk to kevs.
-he is OBSESSED with our neighbor (11 year old) Lauren. anytime he is upset or I want him to do something I can bring up lauren and coax him into doing it. I mean completely utterly in love and proclaims it daily "I yuv my yauren."She's pretty busy with school, soccer and hockey but I still manage to sneak him over there at least every other day so he can get a 20 minute playdate in. He absolutely adores that girl, and pays no mind to me as I drop him off at her house. I really wish she were older because it would be the EASIEST babysitting transition ever! I'd go out all the time!! Maybe next year.
-I made him a little magnetic calendar of sorts. I will have to post a picture of it to give you a better idea, but it's basically all the days of the week, with a highlighted part to put behind whichever day it actually is, and a bunch of magnets I made that are things we do together, words and pictures: music makers, go to the gym, go to the petstore, go to the park, library, nap, etc. Every morning I try to assemble them in proper order for that day with him, to give him an idea of what our day will look like. I don't know if he's really "gotten" it yet, but he loves rearranging them, and calls them his "game", spending long minutes talking out loud about the things he will do as he moves them around. Because of the magnets he has also started throwing out the words "tomorrow" and "saturday" (or whatever day of the week we talked about) randomly as he talks about them.
-Knock on wood, he has gotten better at church. We hear less complaints from the nursery about his bullying, and sacrament meeting can go well on the occasion that I happen to bring every new project I have made for him recently that he has not seen. Also last sunday we sat next to a girl with a jewelry box and little d spent a full 20 minutes putting all of her jewelry on her (after trying it on himself of course). Also for the life of me I cannot spell jewelry. But its my blog so I do what I want. Right?

-he's been singing a lot more lately. Like all the time. Everything we sing in music makers, and then some random stuff. Call me maybe is still at the top of the list but now its peppered with age-appropriate cute songs. Um but he can still spot Carly Rae Jepson in any magazine or TV show and gets super excited when he does see her.
-I've started asking him about his halloween costume. we have been reading some halloween books so he has a vague idea of what halloween is, that you get candy and say trick or treat, but he insists he wants to be nemo or superman/spiderman. I brought out kevin's bumblebee and tiger costumes to show him, but he just likes to put the bumblebee costume on kevs and say in a baby voice "aww he's so cute! good job, brother!" as if the sole wearing of the costume was an accomplishment. I guess for a cat, it is.

-most notable this month has been little d drawing again! I don't know if1 I should attribute that to a very handy dandy notebook gift from naomi (thank you thank you thank you) or the resurgence of my markers being present but either way he has been drawing pictures, mostly self-proclaimed circles and "d"'s , but occasionally he will draw a picture of his dad or I and proudly show it off... I love those moments. we've dabbled again in painting but he can't seem to keep his fingers out of the paint and at least while we don't live at our own place, I feel bad letting him get paint everywhere.

-long story short? he's gorgeous, no longer bowl-legged, super smart, and a total sweetheart (but also a bad a gymnast, basketball player, baseballer, etc). I LOVE this age.


Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

love these recaps!! and that he clearly has the carrera love for all things chocolate...definitely your baby (;

he sounds like he is already ready to be a big brother!!! so so exciting. and i LOVE that picture of him on his head!!! you gotta get that thing framed or blown up or SOMETHING. love love love it!!

ps i think mama sent you that handy dandy notebook gift...mostly i just remember ordering one online via amazon for her to put in his bday package. but i could be wrong. (:

ps i totally read that as in he was a bad (as in terrible) gymnast and baller...and then i realized you said a "bad A gymnast...etc" and it made me smile. he is so talented! so. so talented. (:

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

ps <3 feeding llama friends <3

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