Thursday, October 11, 2012


Missy gave me the idea (okay I took it from her) to show off some instagram favorites from the month for those who (ahem mom and dad) don't have access to instagram. :)

crocodiles at the library/red sox fan/nemo vitamins/waterfront dinner 
new shirt/park bench/finding nemo/last of the long hair
womens retreat luncheon/state fair/car cat/curious george
bitty bump, hair cut, ramen boy, favorite leaf
baby kevs, fall boots, ipad teacher, kitchen costume party

1 comment:

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

nemo vitamins...i love the look on his sweet little face!!

LOVE that red shirt! SO so cute. remember that for our next round of family photos (;

tate fair = taste fair? yes? my fav professor's little adopted hispanic son's name is tate and i laughed out loud thinking about a fair dedicated to him (: haahhahah

LOL love the m&ms costume!

now its time to copy YOU copying your friend and insta-this on my blog (:

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