Saturday, October 20, 2012

BOB photomontage

I would have never thought I would fall in love with a hunk of metal on wheels but here you have it. I am fully completely in love with the one and only stroller this boy has ever known (the snap and go doesn't really count). It breaks my heart to think I would possibly have to get a double stroller that isn't a BOB, so I am considering not getting another stroller at all. Little d loves walking around most of the time, but sometimes he makes me bring the stroller along just because he loves it so much! (and it's a great place to stash food, drinks, and stuffed puppies). So here's my little tribute to nearly 18 months with our BOB revolution.

1 comment:

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

can i have it when your babies are older and all mine are tiny? pleaaaaaase oh please oh pleaaaaaaase? i just kinda love the bob too...just not how much it costs (;

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