Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend update: tis the season, fitness america, and the jacket

Apparently tis the season for elementary school fundraisers, because little d got to go with his dad last week to a "wild wild west" themed carnival last weekend, this past weekend we went to a sports themed one, and the pumpkin themed one is in two weeks... All at different schools. This basically means we spent our Saturday morning coaxing little d around the cakewalk, eating way too much candy, and watching him hop around a bounce house or shoot hoops. It was fun to see him in such awe of the older kids, especially the fourth grade DJs who were emceeing the whole thing (and had business cards to boot!) but to their credit, they did play some fun music. Anyways. It was a rainy day so most everything was moved indoors but that isn't stop us from admiring the perfect fall foliage blossoming outside.

I have always loved Ohio in the fall and scoffed at Utahans that would proudly proclaim how "colorful" Utah was in the fall. Yes they have lovely mountains but nothing compares to trees trees and more trees! This being my first ever fall in new england, I am thrilled to say it has just started and I am in absolute amazement at the color change. I make so many comments in the car with little d that when I tell him to look at a certain tree, he usually responds with a "oh. My. Dosh. Dat twee es boo tee fo! Wow!!" (I probably say that about a dozen times a day to him!).

Saturday night I supported a good friend from my ward at church who was competing in the boston fitness universe competition. She has been a fitness competitor before and has worked her butt off the last few months working out and training and dieting like a madwoman... And it all paid off! She won first place in her category (bikini, under 40) and felt so good about it she plans on competing again a few more times this year! It was such an awe inspiring thing to watch not just childless early-twentiers but all these 44, 52 year old women who had multiple children and full time jobs competing alongside those twentysomethings!

The overall winner in women was a 44 year old with three children (all in attendance, cheering her on)!! I was absolutely astonished. There was a woman sitting in front of us who we found out is a competitor but just not in this competition that she was watching, and she was 61 years old. Sixty. One. Blonde with this incredible body that I couldn't help but snap a creeper picture of her because I knew no one would believe me. I barely believed it!! I have a new goal for my fifty year old self: right diet and exercise to look half as good as those women! Incredible. And the men were a total hoot. A few were downright hams about the whole muscle posing/bodybuilding thing and won me over on personality alone. If you ever have a chance to go to a fitness competition, I absolutely recommend it! It gave me so much respect for those men and women and all the hard work that goes into that business.

Bummer of the night was when we were walking out of the theater to congratulate Diana, I felt I was missing something. After seeing her and snapping a few pictures I remembered: my orange Boston marathon jacket!! I literally ran (pregnant, with a purse and in boots) over to my seat. It was gone. I asked people working there. Walked the entire auditorium, NOTHING. Waterworks were imminent right? So there I was, in a near empty theater, bawling my eyes out, crumpling into a ball in the corner.

Here's the thing. It wasn't just that someone stole it. It wasn't just that I forgot something (I tend to forget just about everything at some point or another). It was the principle of The Jacket. Running my first marathon and having it be The Boston was about as surreal as it gets. Sort of like my wedding day, it was so highly anticipated and yet went by so fast that I barely remember it if not for the pictures and even those seem surreal.

At least post wedding I had a handsome husband to stare at all the time (when hes not looking of course). But the marathon? The medal was tangible but the jacket was something that allowed me to proudly display my accomplishments peacock style. That jacket made it feel real, especially because I only allowed myself to buy it after I hit my prebaby weight (you know, in June, right before I got pregnant again). It represented so much more to me than just being a jacket. It was my symbol of success (whether it was on me or in my closet, it did not matter) and without it I felt... I couldn't describe it but it was pretty awful. Thankfully I had a marvelous uplifting Sunday to balance out the bad karma and I'm all better now, just a little disappointed in myself. Mr d offered to buy me another one, which I will probably do, but this time? I may never take it off. And this time, I mean it.


anna. said...

sorry about your jacket ) :

on the bright side, you are still awesome. miss you!

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

boo about the jacket!! but at least you didn't lose something little d. i can't even imagine what that'd be like! i still think you're awesome anyway too though (:

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