Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Second pregnancy, week 9

I asked the hubby this week if we could go on a little weekend trip away. My only requirement is that I get two mornings of sleeping in!! Is it crazy that I fantasize about sleeping without interruptions (from cat, baby, middle of the night pregnancy related bathroom runs, etc)? Sleeping and working out are about the two things I am enjoying the most lately... And this past weekend working out took to the back burner so I could sleep more!

Okay, so the questions people keep asking me...

Little d and peanut will be approximately 10 days shy of 2 years 9 months apart. (July 19 to April 9th)

Baby peanut is the size of a grape this week!

Weight gain: +2.5 (I lost weight and got down to pre pregnancy weight around 4-6 weeks, but since the nausea hit, the weight has been steadily climbing...whomp whomp)

Aversions: bright lights, most sweet foods, nutella, ice cream, fruit, guacamole, eggs, milk, cheese, vegetables, anything remotely healthy.

Cravings: salty foods, toast with jam or butter, sprite.

Sleep: I try to get 7-8 hours at night as well as napping when little d does (between 1-2 hours) and I still feel tired all the time! Hopefully I will get some energy back in three weeks so I can be productive again.

Best moment of the week: little d slept 3 hours yesterday... A much needed long nap for me!!

Random: I haven't had to take out any maternity clothes yet (thankfully, knock on wood, especially since I don't really know where they are exactly) but I will probably have to go bra shopping pretty soon. I didn't get stretch marks till week 37 last time so hopefully they will hold off till then (or maybe I'll luck out and get none at all?). I remember looking forward to all the body changes last time but this time I know how expensive/boring maternity wear is, so I will be trying to stay in my regular clothes as long as possible!

Symptoms: constant nausea (imagine feeling car sick but never actually getting sick all the time but especially
In the morning and evening), low energy, tired. My cold of 10 days is finally gone, which is a huge relief since I can now properly function while hanging out with little d. Also my chest feels like it did when I was nursing... not super pleasant.

What I'm looking forward to: little d has been talking about "going to preschool" for weeks, so I've decided to do a little makeshift joy school for him starting this week. Also my gym has the new fall schedule starting this week with loads more classes than the summer!

What I'm nervous about this week: food. Not knowing what will make my stomach reel is a bit upsetting since it seems to change at every meal.

What I miss: my semi flat stomach... I hit my pre pregnancy weight for about two weeks (and was within a pound for about six weeks) before I got all pregnant and bloated again :) I also miss eating fruits and vegetables and other healthy things, but I simply cannot tolerate them at the moment. And being productive... I put off too much and have piles of stuff to mend, organize, clean, etc. The latter is probably the most frustrating to me because I go to bed each night feeling very little sense of accomplishment.

Movement: none

Gender: still thinking its a boy :)

Comparison to pregnancy #1: feels the same. I do feel like I am showing much quicker, and in the last few days have started popping out/showing although my clothes still feel the same (I think I was in maternity pants by week 10 last time). It's nice to not be working full time outside the home this time around, but I do miss the days of sleeping from 8pm-7am and napping daily from 3-6pm. What a dream! I cant believe how much I slept while pregnant with little d.

Next doctors appointment: September 25th for my 12 week ultrasound and checkup.

9 weeks down, 31 to go!


Eric and Andrea said...

Love you Kron!!!

anna. said...

party time, woody! can't wait for another gummy dino bear ( :

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

eeeeeekeeeeeeeeeeeekeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk!!! (: (: (: (: (:

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