Tuesday, September 18, 2012

confessions from pregnancy #1 (and a few from #2)

I certainly did my fair share of worrying last time around, enough to last me a few pregnancies, which works out well I guess because I am much more laid back and less concerned with silly things I know don't matter.

things I spent too much time worrying about my first trimester the first time around (and what I'm doing this time):
-from the day I found out I was pregnant, not wanting to do ab exercises for fear of squishing my baby (I am still doing plenty of abwork, and even attending a core class once a week that focuses on back, shoulders, glutes, arms as well as abs)
-from the day I found out I was pregnant, not wanting to lay on my stomach or back for fear of cutting off my circulation (up until this week I was able to easily lay and enjoy being on my stomach and back until it has literally gotten too uncomfortable. It was good while it lasted!)
-from the day I found out I was pregnant, abstaining from tuna, deli meats and sushi (I know now to just eat it in moderation, heat it up, and not eat the raw kind...which I hate anyway)
-basically complete and total paranoid panic about anything possibly going wrong (completely gone now)

things I spent too much time worrying about in the second trimester the first time around (and what I will be doing this time):
-the possibility of my baby being a boy because I had limited experience with them (I will be super excited for either gender!!)
-the possibility of said boy getting my short genes (I've accepted it... have I mentioned little d is in the 10% of height? and he still gets older ladies!)
-the possibility of said boy getting redheaded genes since they run in both our families (didn't happen last time, not worrying about what I can't control)
-the possibility of said boy getting my gross brown curly hair (I've seen my fair share of cute curly haired boys in the last 2 years, so I think it would actually be pretty fun to have a baby look like me this time!)
-potty training (still on my list of concerns...)
-disciplining my child (work in progress, but taking it one day at a time)
-picking baby names (we have them already picked out)

things I spent too much time worrying about in the third trimester the first time around (and what I will be doing this time):
-weight gain (a moot point, since I know it happens no matter what. I am just focusing on healthy weight gain with drinking more water and eating in moderation, and if I gain 50 pounds again, who cares? I lost it once and I can do it again)
-giving birth (c-section or vaginal birth, all I care about is a healthy baby)
-loving someone as much as I love my husband (after little d and the kevs, I have come to realize that love always multiples when a family grows, and your love for your kids v. pet v. husband are all different but equally full and wonderful)
-feeling normal post baby (I know now to just be patient and that I will feel just as good if not better after time)
-packing my hospital bag (I know now all I need is toiletries to make me feel normal, my pump in case I need to use it, snacks for Mr. D, my laptop/phone and chargers, socks, flip flops, ONE outfit for baby, and a set of forgiving maternity clothes to go home in)

stuff I am a little concerned about with this #2/TBD...
-finding out the gender. last time I wanted everyone around and this time... I feel more private about it. Mr. D wants to go but I think I prefer to go solo and break the news to him (and the rest of the fam bam) in my own way. I by no means will with hold that sort of information, but I just want time to process it on my own, if that makes sense.
-sibling rivalry. meaning protecting TBD from becoming little d's "second base!" (currently Kevin's position, getting whacked on the bum) as he rips around the house celebrating his home run.
-juggling two kids and just getting out of the house for running errands. I go everywhere with little d. I mean EVERY where (okay, except for the OB appointments). I think it helps that with each outing I plan a little something for him, like today we went to pick up some stuff at the store and then visited the petstore next door. Little d doesn't mind going out with me, and I have found is even in a much better mood when we are out of the house but I am not sure how well that will work with two kids under 3. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
-living situation...baby in our room vs. sharing a room with little d. ???
-will I ever consistently sleep well again? ;)
-any flaws this new baby might have that would prevent Mr. D from wanting a #3 (little d's was his sleeping, obviously a sore spot in this family ;))
-comparing this baby to little d. obviously there is no competition and I will love both children equally but I hate to think I will be comparing them developmentally, so I will try really hard not to.

stuff I am really really super terribly excited about with #2/TBD...
-baby smell
-baby snuggles
-breastfeeding again
-giving little d a sibling/teammate ;)
-Dreft-ing every garment we own (you know, JUST in case the baby's allergic)
-sleepy baby eyes
-watching the development of a new child of our very own making
-experiencing the first year (I love all of those "firsts") all over again
-having two little bugs to watch me cross finish lines in races
-getting to see what physical combination of Mr. D and I this baby will be
-everything being so tiny
-baby coos
-experimenting with different things I didn't try the first time around (like holding off on feeding him/her sugar before one year)
-feeling a little bit more complete in having a family of four five. can't forget the kevs ;)
-having someone so completely dependent on me
-lots of little naps (maybe not for me, but still...)
-getting to re-use all the baby stuff we have put away
-walks with baby (something I still love doing with little d)
-baby wearing
-feeling more confident in this second baby now that I have gone through it all once... but also eager to see a few surprises ;)
-adding a little bite sized bit of love into our lives
-I could probably go on with this list forever... let it suffice that my excitement far surpasses any concerns I may have about this (or any) child. I am grateful every day to be pregnant and have a toddler, two of the greatest gifts I have ever (or will have ever) received. All thanks to Mr. D. Thanks, honey! :)


Eric and Andrea said...

Love. Your. Posts.

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K. S. Powers said...

Very sweet post. Sounds like you're all ready for this little peanut!

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Mandy said...

All of my kids are gingers - even my son :) They love being unique and they also love being actual red-headed-step-children.

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

:D :D :D

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