Saturday, September 01, 2012

8 weeks 4 days pregnant with #2

Similar to my last pregnancy, weeks 4-6 I felt amazing but tired. Week 7 hit me hard and fast with a hefty dose of nausea, and coupled with a cold that hit me a week ago today, I feel like I can never get caught up on sleep, and I'm bloated about as big as I should be mid pregnancy.

Things that make me nauseated this time around include air conditioning, food that is too smelly, too cold, too flavorful, too hot, too sweet, eating too much, not eating enough, being thirsty, drinking too much, opening the freezer or refrigerator, ice cream, guacamole, grapes, vegetables, food commercials/shows/advertisements, and pinterest. So, to be completely honest, it's been really tricky and a bit frustrating. Thankfully so far cereal is still ok and has been my saving grace as well as small amounts of sprite to calm my stomach down. I will hit week 9 on Tuesday and then hopefully only have three more weeks of this left (assuming this goes the same as last time).

It's hard not to be constantly comparing the two pregnancies, but while they are eerily similar, I do feel more sick and more tired this time around, possibly because I'm chasing after a toddler who doesn't stick to eating things that don't make me sick :) at my doctors visit this past week, I had an internal ultrasound and was able to see my little baby, the size of a kidney bean, and his little fluttering heart, something I had to wait until week 22 to do with little d. It was a miracle and as the ultrasound tech asked me what I thought of my "little peanut", the name has stuck with me. Peanut. I get to see his cute little heart (and body) again at week 12, which I am terribly excited about. Seeing my baby has made all the sickness much more tolerable, and looking at the little picture is a wonderful reminder of how real this all is.

Little d is well aware of the baby in mommy's belly, and occasionally will stop while doing a trick and ask "did you see that baby? You want more?" or attempt to read to the baby or feed him through my bellybutton.

I won't know till November what the gender is, but I feel pretty strongly it is a boy, so that's what I'll refer to him ad unless someone tells me otherwise. 50/50 says I'm right, right? :)

Working out has been my sanity saver and is about the only time I feel normal these days. I am so grateful for my gym membership and the hindsight of my last pregnancy, where I was " too tired" to hit the gym till about month 3.5, and getting back in shape was simply an uphill battle.

I am grateful for this moment in my life that while crazy and chaotic, is exactly what I have been wanting and praying for. Counting my blessings daily. I am a very lucky girl.


Eric and Andrea said...

I hope you get over your aversion to ice cream, vegetables and guacamole real quick!

anna. said...

agreed with andrea. so much yummy food / :

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

"or attempt to read to the baby or feed him through my bellybutton" hahahahaaa

i can't wait till little d #2!! JFdklajfklasdfjklasdjflsjklaf (: (: (: (:

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