Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 weeks pregnant with #2

And so beyond ready for the end of the first trimester. I'm ready to be my normal, productive self again, okay baby?

Weight gain: +3

Aversions: sometimes it feels like anything or everything. The worst is guacamole and all hummus. gross gross gross... and worse so because I have taught little d to LOVE guac and he requests it for snack every day. :/

Cravings: salty meals and sweet baked goods. Linden deli sub "Dude Ranch" (don't worry, I heat up the deli in the microwave before eating it) has been on my brain a lot but I'm pretty sure it is just the combination of turkey and ranch dressing I love so much. Also ceasar salads. Fresh berries.

Sleep: Unfortunately no dreams like this lately. Since managing to control my crazy water drinking binges, my sleep usually only gets interrupted once a night. This past week started the crazy pregnancy dreams, none of which are pleasant or worth repeating. I need to start going to bed before 11 (curse you, downton abbey!) to hopefully alleviate how terrible I feel until I hit the gym sometime between 8 and 10 am. Still napping every chance I get. Little d has even gotten into the habit of waking up from his nap and asking, "Mom? done wit your nap yet?"

Best moment of the week: going to the "baby school" (Mr. D's old elementary school) park yesterday. The weather was chilly (about 68) and just delicious. 

Random: Completely befuddled on what to do about... little d watching so many TV shows in the morning because of my inability to function till after he has been up for two to three hours, whether to have the baby sleep in our room or with little d (or even just when to make that transition), when to potty train little d, and freaking out a little bit that I haven't done a very good job teaching him pre-school-y stuff up to this point.

Symptoms: constantly running nose (which I remember having all through last pregnancy too), nausea, tired, feeling so sick saturday and sunday that it was the biggest struggle to get out of bed (and didn't happen till nearly 10am saturday!). I've been careful not to move too quickly from laying to standing, since that is what caused my fainting spells a few times 

What I'm looking forward to: Apple picking with little d and the Mr on Saturday morning... I've been in the mood for baking an apple pie and filling the house with apple-y smells.

What I'm nervous about this week: again, dealing with food aversions. I can't wait to just eat food normal and not have to worry so much about it. I cannot open the fridge longer than about two seconds and have to keep my nose plugged the whole time (sometimes also breathing out so I don't accidentally inhale something nauseating). Everything needs to be carefully thought about, smelled and approved by my stomach before ingesting...quite the annoying process.

What I miss: eating normal most of all. and this week, feeling like I want to run. I still work out, but unless it is a class my efforts are about 50%. Running with the stroller is not at all appealing to me and I wish it were. My longest treadmill run has been about 3 miles and I hated every minute of it.

Comparison to #1: well, my weight gain is on track to be the 40+ pounds from the last time around...oy. I feel like I look much smaller than I did last time, but that could be because I am still desperately trying to keep my figure (AKA abs) tucked in as long as possible whereas last time I couldn't wait to start showing and for people to notice. What with me being constantly winded and thickening around the middle I am sure most people think I am simply terribly out of shape.

good thing I have this gorgeous creature around all the time to keep me happy!


Have Your Way said...

Little D is getting cuter by the day I think!!!!

MrsQ said...

Holy crap, I disappear from the blog world for a couple months and so much has changed... Congratulations!!! :D And, as always, Little D is crazy adorable!

Michal Sarah said...

Weight gain: We wont go there
Aversions: All men.
Cravings: A baby!!!

You are the hottest pregnant lady I have ever seen!!!

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

!!! Still so excited for Baby#2. Hope the gross symptoms subside soon.

anna. said...

yummm. loved the dude ranch (i think that's what i got when i was there..?) -- and love little d asking about if you're done with your nap yet. ADORABLE.

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

dude ranch?? sounds delishhhhhh. AND I LOVE THAT I WAS THINKING OF TYPING THE EXACT SAME THING ANNA DID. love that little d. so adorable!

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