Tuesday, August 07, 2012

YEAR FIVE and DZ #32: Have a little black dress (and #38: get all dressed up and eat in a fancy restaurant)

Um seriously... how did I fail to blog about our anniversary in April?
Ah yes, I was still recovering from the marathon.

Well, I was able to debut my beloved LBD... old navy maternity clearance section (XS).
Boo yeah. Super comfy and looks glam. I've only worn it like a billion times by now.
 Prepping before our big night out to a fancy restaurant (also on the DZ!) before we spent boatloads of money giftcards from my inlaws (thank you!!!).
 Capital Grille.. most expensive restaurant I have been to in my life. Clearly awesome.
 Dim lighting, early reservation, rose petals and a happy anniversary card from the staff.
 First course: something wonderful (cheese?) wrapped in bacon with bruschetta. We both agreed we could eat that all day long. I wanted seconds. Lobster Bisque for round two. DIVINE.
 Ceasar salad. And Mr. D's plank salmon.
 I got steak. YEAH BUDDY.
 What kind of man eats salmon when there's steak?! Mine, I guess. Don't worry we balanced out his healthy eating with some serious dessert: some sort of flourless chocolate cake with berries, compliments of the staff since it was our anniversary.
 What a fun night out! The in-laws watched little d and we got a few hours to ourselves after a crazy couple of months with my man traveling nearly nonstop. It feels good to be home. Now to con him into taking me there for my birthday....


anna. said...

oh my delicious. so jealous.

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

so delish.

you're such a babe.

i love your dress.

and want that steak in my tum right now.

the end. (:

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