Thursday, August 09, 2012

that weekend when tyler came to town

Tyler, who I have known from church since before I can really remember, has always been a good family friend. When he told me he was planning on making the trek (driving) up north from Virginia and could he stay a night or two with us, of course we were excited to have a house guest since the whole family left us for Utah....
He came the first weekend of the
OLYMPICS. Makes me love america even more than usual.
Enough so to buy the $4 box of glorified fruit loops that appealed to my two year old and not get too mad when I later saw them on sale for $2 at our favorite grocery store.
And what's more american than zucchini muffins?
 watching the olympics
 then napped that baby and headed over to the real fun of the weekend... New England Food Truck Festival!!! I have always wanted to go to one of these but have never found one till this past weekend.
 I felt like I was on a food network show. We bought 40 tickets to split between the three of us and started looking around for the best bang for our tickets.
 They had me at "pulled pork slider"....
 SO good I ended up buying two of them. I would have probably spent all of my tickets on them but I didn't want the boys to think I was crazy boring.
 Mr. D with his pulled chicken taco (I got one too... heavenly!) and Tyler with his dog (not up to par).
 Mr. D was bravest of us all and spent the most tickets on one thing (6, if I recall correctly) and got a lobster slider. Because nothing says give these new englanders a heart attack quite like a slider. LOVE THEM.

 OH, the other reason I didn't spend all my tickets on sliders... the NUTELLA SMOOTHIE.
 Poor tyler felt like nothing he got was really as awesome as he was expecting. The hot dog was just okay, he had to waste a bunch of tickets on soda since apparently he can't eat without drinking in between each bite (how did I never know that before?) and his whoopie pie was red velvet but just had cream and not ice cream in it like he was hoping. Mr. D pictured with my beloved second slider.
 Good thing they do the festival every other weekend here in New England because WE MISSED a whole section of food trucks whaaaat?! Also, I will probably be in need of a few more sliders. Maybe three for eating and one for taking to those places where they evaluate it and tell you what it's made of so you can make it at home. IT WAS THAT GOOD.

We were hoping to head down to Patriot Place, but unfortunately mother nature graced us with some torrential rains making an outdoor mall out of the question. So we hit up Just Your Average Joe's (LOVE it there), and I convinced the boys that the supposed 35 minute wait they gave us was not reality and that we should stay. We were rewarded with a 5 minute wait.
 And someone discovered the utensils were magnetic?
 It was raining and we all ordered the Chicken tortilla soup. Coupled with their bread it was a match made in soup heaven.
 Magicians entertaining the toddler (or each other?)
 Right before little d leaped onto the iron sculpture behind poor tyler 
(that's what we get for letting him watch gymnastics)
 Little d adored Tyler, to say the least. How could he not? Tyler is right about par with his level of maturity.

 So. Stinking. Cute.
 He will be missed. Even if he does take random butt shots he posts onto facebook and crash his car on the way home...


Eric and Andrea said...

Great, funny post. Awesome weekends are the best!

anna. said...

how come all you do is eat delicious food? no fairrr.

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

invite me next time!! i want all that. and really shouldn't be reading your blog when i'm starving and at the library, clearly. (:

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