Sunday, August 12, 2012

sunday best... because you know you wanted more

the boys in all the sunday glory you can imagine. (photo creds to Reza)
Since I got my phone, most if not all pictures come from that phone. If you see pictures that look more rectangular like the ones that follow, those are taken using our HD camera that Mr. D got me last year (which I love, I just don't always remember to bring it with me). So here are some more quality photos from that crazy photo shoot a few weeks back.
Kevin trying to get his close-up....

 Keeping little d happy?
 Hair in the face. Obv.
 Now comes the hard part...picking the best, most christmas card-worthy shot. Good Luck. Here's #1
 #8 (my fav. obv since it is the one non-fatty-arm-shot)
 Right. Good luck with that. Don't worry there were other photos taken that I'm sure are much better :)
Like this:

 Of course this:
 and my personal favorite for the winning christmas card picture vote: 
 BAM. Perfection.

happy sunday!


anna. said...

aww. love these.

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

remember that one time blake was so tiny and now he's the tallest of the bunch??

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

ps love the non-fatty arm pose (;

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