Thursday, August 02, 2012

Little D's Blue's Clues themed 2 year old birthday party

You had to know this was coming.
I planned it for months. Okay, weeks. 10 days of actually doing stuff.
10 days out I began the Blues Clues-ery with creating a little "pin the clue on Blue" Game.
Cardstock and DIY laminate (for the paw prints) in the form of packing tape.
 The morning of his birthday I made him (us) mini german puff pancakes, topped with berries (he's obsessed like his mama). He didn't love the pancakes (probably because it was the first time I made them) but I loved them! You make german pancake and then just pour into a greased muffin tin and voila! minis! I think it may be the new birthday tradition.
 Three days earlier I had started on the incredible mini rainbow cakes, which will get a post all their own because it was so epic. Naptime of his birthday I polished them off with pawprint m&m's.
 (Note: I didn't throw out the leftovers, just left them out for the adults to graze on... didn't last a day!)
 One of the best parts about a late summer birthday... everything is in season!
All his favorites in a rainbow of course. And then the balloons. Boy loves his balloons.
And the ugliest pinata I have ever made. Sorry, little d! But he loved it and had a hard time wanting to hit "Blue", even with his beloved baseball bat. Filled to the brim with fruit snacks, teddy grahams, and of course candy (Reese's for dad, m&m's for little d, twix for me).
 Even Kevs got into the birthday spirit.
 And what follows is a series of blurred shots of dessert (after the italian crockpot chicken dinner, one of his favorites!) and the birthday boy attempting his first candle blowout....

 And true to birthday form, for the second year in a row, he mostly just ate the m&m's. 
And some ice cream.
 Little d's friend Lolo, uncle blake, grandma darsi, dad enjoying the rainbowy goodness.
 Two year olds can totally command a fork... even in ice cream.
 (hungry caterpillar card courtesy of gma Joanne!)
Then there was that pinata. So fragile we thought it only fair to let Lolo have a turn first, 
you know before birthday boy beat it to bits.

 So we got a bigger bat...
 tried it on a tee...
 dad tried his hand at it... (darsi tried as well, but I cannot find that picture)
 Was it made of steel?! Uncle Blake using his super strength finally blasted open the beast!
 There was a moment when time stood still and little d was just processing what had just happened.
Then he spotted the candy.
 What followed can only be described a la Finding Nemo as a "mine?" episode. With toddlers.

 And of course the yearly birthday family photo
 as well as the extended family present (little d has started to notice we are always trying to grab his attention to look at the camera, so now he mimicks the "look her honey! yoo-hoo, over here!" complete with snapping hand gestures.
 Makes for awesome photos right?
 Not only is he looking away from the camera, but he is looking at his own hand.
 Oh, and presents... my parents got him about a dozen little presents that we would open two a day as we counted down his birthday. I figured that was better than dealing with the overwhelming amount of gifts all at once. The gifts included: mario fruit snacks, pajamas (Toy Story, Balls, "Curious George"), a new outfit, Butt Paste (the best gift in the world apparently, from his reaction), a handy dandy notebook, a beanie baby Blue, a Blue's Clue's book, and some other things I am now already forgetting. Mr. D and I got him a new wiffle ball bat and ball, a Curious George book and a cake pop at B&N, and lest we forget.... the inlaws got him:
 A new bike!!!
Best Birthday ever, I would say.


Melissa Kent said...

This is so adorable Ruth! I am laughing so hard at your indestructable pinata. But I have decided that I need to try those German pancakes this weekend. Do you have a special recipe that you use?

Have Your Way said...

HAHA that pinata sounds like it didnt want to get BUSTED! haha What a CUTE birthday party Idea!!!! I have never heard of German pancakes!! How different are they from normal pancakes if I may ask?

Missy said...

Aww Happy Birthday to Little D! Those rainbow cakes look amazing! So creative!

anna. said...

that pinata is ridic! love the rainbow cakes and i totally know how that is...with pinata cookies, there are lots of leftovers and those definitely should not be thrown away. wish i could have been there but this is almost as good ( :

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

omgggggg mini german pancakes!??! GENIUS. i want some now!!

slash didn't realize until now that they were pawprint m&ms!! so so cute! love the added touch (:

ps don't think i ever knew you loved that a new thing?? AND THE PINATA IS ADORABLE OKAY don't even say it isn't!

and that big rainbow cupcake please tell me you put that on pinterest because people would EAT THAT UP. or at least pin it up. if you get what i mean (;

HAHA literally laughed out loud reading that + the accompanying photos. too. too. funny!!

ps totally forgot about his butt paste love. i wanna see a vid of him riding his bike around the block!!

best birthday EVER minus missing his fave aunts...but that's okay. there's always next year. (;

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