Friday, August 03, 2012

Little d had a DOG PARTY!!!!

Now this... THIS was none of my doing. All credit goes to my amazing next door neighbors, Judy and her daughter (little d's bestie 11 year old buddy a toddler could ask for!). They planned and executed this party with perfection. The best part being Murphy (their golden retriever) turned one the day before littld d turned two! How many two year olds can say they've had a joint birthday party with a dog?!
 The pawprint cake... little d was in HEAVEN. Pawprints EVERY. WHERE. It was even made so that the dog (and people!) can eat it too.
 Only about half of little d's current fan club. Just imagine those Beliebers and that's about what he has.
These girls are AWESOME. They all even got him presents!
 Prepping the baseball candles, under the throne with the baseball balloon he begs me for every time we go to the store.
 "What's that, a DOG party?! We MUST see this!"
 Birthday boys

 And since we had given my sweet neighbors some rainbow cake, they re-shared it with little d and he actually ate some! Success!
 Beechwood Birthday Posse.
 And the presents... Hockey set for little d! (the only sport I think he had yet to learn)
 passing off the wrapping paper to Judy (kid is pro at tearing stuff open now!)
 And a shovel and pail full of brand new wiffle balls (Murphy likes to eat them from our yard!) and a new beach towel. What more could a boy ask for?
 and little d happily helped Murphy open his presents too. Not to mention the ones we got him.
Puppy cookies, treats, and a new tennis ball and frisbee!
Two super spoiled boys. :) The last week and a half, our sweet neighbors have been in Europe for the Olympics and little d has missed them all so much! Thankfully we get to water their flowers so little d still gets to play in Murphy's yard for a bit each morning... but oh how badly does he want to go in the house! He is just starting to understand when I tell him where people are...

Murphy, Judy, Colin, etc.... "Europe in da Oh-LIM-pits" (Europe at the olympics)
Anna... "Wausau bear" (still working on that one... separating the bear from the place)
Sarah, DK, grandpa, abbie... "Oh-HI-oh"
Blake... "ahhhh MISS-in" (on a mission)
Brady, Mike, Mike, Darsi... "YOU-tahhh!" (Utah)
Dani (and this past week, dad)... "Tallie-FOR-nyah" (California)
Cory... "Wort-een on AHHHH twain" (working on a train)
little d and mommy... "Matts-AHHH-choo-tets" (Massachusetts)

Smart boy! More on two year old updates coming soon!


Have Your Way said...

score for TWO parties!!!!!!!

anna. said...

<3 wausau bear and the dog party.

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

what a smart boy!! <3 puppies.

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