Tuesday, August 21, 2012

little d at 24 months

color: blue
movie: finding nemo
show: 3 way tie between blues clues, curious george and mickey mouse
meals: bagels with cream cheese, noodles, PB sandwich, cereal
sport: golf
snacks: teddy grahams, fruit snacks, M&M's, carrots (bunny food), guacamole (with a spoon), Bobgurt, any fruit, cookies "too-tees", chocolate milk "tot-let moo malt"(but only the organic kind that has the happy jumping cow)
song: "call me maybe". seriously he sings it ALL THE TIME. Knows almost all the words to it.
activities: swimming in his baby pool or in a "big one" (friend's real-size pools), baseball, golf, riding his bike (from Darsi and Mike), talking on the phone, grocery shopping (especially at Roche Brothers where they have kid-sized shopping carts), watching videos of himself, playing at the park (slides, not really swings), singing to himself
animal: cats, dogs, fish, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits... the boy is a regular dr. doolittle. LOVES animals
also still fascinated with putting things inbetween his toes.
This boy has turned into a talking machine. He will talk your ear off and then keep talking to you. I catch him talking or singing to Kevin all the time and think, wow that boy needs a playmate! We have started to get better about playdates but it is still tricky. He usually has to be around older children to get the intellectual stimulation he craves (it frustrates him when small kids don't talk. Kevin on the other hand? He has a little voice he uses claiming its him!). Sometimes you can literally see the wheels turning as his mouth continues to move "umm! and! ahh!" while his brain catches up with all the stuff he wants to say.
"do it like this? ....like that."
"have fun at _(nap/school/work)_!"
"go team baby!"
"dinner-tiiiiiiiiiiiime!" (for breakfast, lunch and dinner)
(when he climbs up to a high place, like the couch) "mom, say 'careful me! careful dussin! is dangerous! get down!'"
"it won't work/ is not working"
"say more (makes the sign for more), say please (makes the sign for please)"
"I want more butt paste"
"I wanna do it mysself"
(to kevin) "hiiiii haaaa-neeee!/hiiii swee-hardt!"
"peace out"
"watt me" (watch me)
"I do flip! I oh-yimp-it (olympics) boy!"
"soop-man! (superman) 'pider-man! (spiderman)"
"watt my mouf." (and proceeds to slowly say a word we have been working on with him like "cory")
"a need to taaaaam dowwwwn (calm down). talm down or.. time out!" (he told this to a playmate who was crying at the time... funny how he picks stuff like that up from me!"

As you can probably tell with that last quote, we have officially entered the terrible twos. Little d is no stranger to voicing his opinion and is extremely well versed at doing so which makes it even more frustrating when he throws a tantrum and I cannot understand why. There are the usual triggers like rapid transitions, not getting something he wants (usually chocolate milk, ice cream or his third gogurt of the morning), and waking up from his nap (which usually leaves him in a sour mood) but then there are the random bursts of anger and hysterical crying, which I usually leave him to sort out with a one minute time out. He has actually started to realize it as a good place (sometimes) and will occasionally request a time out while crying because he knows that's where he can go to calm down. A chair in the dining room has been working out for us, and occasionally he will ask me to sit with him till he gets his emotions together. The funniest part about his time outs are that since I will not let him out of timeout (although I always sit with him after the one minute is up, I'm not that cold hearted!) until he is calmed down and not crying, he will sometimes be still crying but through the tears tell me "I not twying (crying), I yaffing (laughing)!" and always manages a smile which just melts my heart and sure enough he does calm down.

We have been EXTREMELY blessed in the sleeping department (knock on wood). Sure he still gets up between 5:30 and 6:30 but I just don't get him till at least 6. He almost always wakes up from his nighttime sleep happy as a clam and ready to greet the day (I think that has been consistent throughout his life). When it is time for nap/going to bed, I let him know and he happily makes his way to the basement (our bedrooms) chirping instructions for us to "say, have a good nap, dussin! night!" And so long as I don't forget the prayer or to cover him with his "towel" (a thin receiving blanket he uses at night since he has to have a blanket and it is just too hot for that now!), all the rest of the bedtime routine can go right out the window. That being said, we can easily spend an hour taking a bath, reading books, and doing "flips" (summer saults) on the couch before bed on days we don't have much else to do, and he is easily down for the count by 8 each night.

Other random bits: I'm a little sad he hasn't shown any interest in drawing since right before he turned two, but hopefully that will come back soon. If not we can always try painting. little d has a miraculous memory, and still remembers where everyone lives or where they are at any given time. Has a better understanding of numbers and has stopped telling total strangers "I'm four!" when they ask how old he his. Has learned to keep all fingers but two down when he tells people he is two. Can count easily to ten, and if he is not distracted can go up to twenty, although he tends to get stuck on thirteen....thirteen...thirteen...., has a terribly good understanding of birthdays where he knows if there is a birthday there will be cake and presents involved and he LOVES those two things. Also loves getting mail (maiiiiiiiiltiiiiiime!) and opening letters. Also continues to ask where Uncle Blake is even though he knows he is on a mission. I think he supposes that is something like work and that he will be home "soon". Two years is sooooo long!


anna. said...

why is favorite movie not toy story?!?!?

Stefanie D. said...

Oh my gosh! He suddenly looks like such a young man! Where has that baby face gone??

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

seriously. need to get started on the toy story addiction ASAP. ps he is growing up so so fast!! he looks almost as old as uncle blake in that last photo!

okay, not really. but you know what i mean. he is growing so fast and is SO ADORABLE and i love all his little isms. love these posts. you're going to be so grateful you did this incredible amount of detailing in your posts when you have the rest of your kids + they grow up. you're such a rockstar blogger mama!! (:

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