Saturday, August 04, 2012

in case you missed it...

you probably just blinked. Don't worry, happens to the best of us. 
The last month or two since Utah involved:
 planking while drawing
 being super adorable in uncle blakes baseball cap
 Backyard baseball with my boys and cooking up lots of yummy food
 pooltime with uncle cory
 stinky feet
 sharing family meals at chipotle (with a free kid sized bag of chips)
 Playing with sweet Morty in nursery
 LOVE that these boys were twinners for a day! SO so cute!
Speaking of twinners, these girlies gave us a little visit just before the 4th of July...
 Love that gorgeous Bianca!
 ...we became obsessed with golfing and wanted to go with dad and the boys EVERY. TIME.
Swam in our first pond.

 Swam in friends' pools with the uncles

 Got some sweet Pj's from my parents
 dani came to visit again!!!
 Played mini golf with the brothers four. Plus two of us females.

 Way to ruin a picture, hunchback Brady.
we played couples and cory scored a free game of golf for his 18th hole in one!
 Everyone was making fun of me for insisting that hands on the hips is necessary to fight arm fat bulge.
 And lest we forget the winners (hubby and I, even though I bring down our score by about 80%)
 Little d got more presents from my parents and took his first trip to the beach (Revere, MA)
 Cold, but a blast.

 Amazing how happy a plastic spoon can make a two year old in the sand.

 little d telling us where to look (but of course not actually making eye contact with the camera, maybe he has some native american blood in him and is concerned with the well-being of his soul???)
 Our favorite grocery store (read: right across the street from our gym, only 1.5 miles away from our hom) hosts these kid friendly saturdays, so we went if only to get to experience a free petting zoo!
 Look at all that poop. Baby Llama, goats, sheep, rabbits, and a mama goat. so stinking cute.
 Lolo paid us a visit and we admired her balloon animal.
 Little d's favorite little goat. Every time it said "maaaaah!" he would turn to me in shock and say, "Mom! he said your name! He wants YOU!"

 And the mammoth bunny to trump all mammoth bunnies... was actually hopping around the square (I guess they figured he was too fat to hop away quickly) but here he is, cooling off with some ice on his back.
 Of course Dani didn't leave without getting little d the cutest little shirt for his birthday.
 Kid loves that butt paste. (and that is cream cheese from the bagel he was eating, NOT the BP)
 Hanging out in the yard with dad, gardening with darsi, sleeping like a champ (knock on wood)
 trying to teach his brother to look at the camera when I take pictures
 but not quite following his own advice
 Brady came to town. apparently it takes two boys about 10 minutes to get a pair of pants on a toddler.
 Lest I forget, after weeks of failed attempts at getting little d in sandals, mike and darsi got him a pair (that I insisted were daddy's from when he was a baby) and he wears them now!

 My SuperKids.
 Oh the action that goes down in this little bullring....
 Fact: 80% of the photos I take of little d are blurry.

And we spent a lot of naked pooltime out in the backyard. :)


anna. said...

BUNNIES!! also i totally do hands on hips. it's a krondashian must.

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

hahahaha planking!! so so funny.

that boy was made to wear baseball caps. just saying. i can't wait till he starts tball!!! that little boy dressed up in full-on baseball gear...eeeek! going to be SUCH a little lady-killer in that uniform!

ps love those stinky feet <3

is "sweet morty" punching little d?? hahahaa

what a little waterbug!! SO CUTE.

hahahaha the goat knows your name! soooooo adorable!

hahahaha the boys dressing little d + the photo montage of kevs + little d's photo direction...too adorable.

LOL hugeeeeeeee naked little tummy!! so adorable oh my goshhhhhhhhh i love it!

miss you SO MUCH xoxoxox.

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