Sunday, August 05, 2012

final boys weekend (for two years at least)

Yup that happened twice in one weekend. One for practice and one for the real deal.
Of course none of the photos look that good because it was about a million degrees with a billion percent humidity during the photo ops. Precisely why I only do my hair in the winter when I won't sweat off half the hair product I use to straighten it.
 None of these are the real deal, only ones I took with my phone. But I love them (probably more because I wasn't in them) and gosh those boys are adorable.... I'll post the pics with my real camera later.
 Actually smiling AND looking at the camera. And no one cares.

 "shey" pose... long story but little d loves it.
 In case you didn't catch it the last time around... Blake is headed to Milan, Italy for two years.

Wonder where he learned that?
 Yeah, he does this in the car all the time with his imaginary camera. "Mom say, 'stinky!'" (looks at his hands) "Ohhh, nice. Great Job." (hands me the imaginary camera) "Here you go!"
 Love that uncle mike and wish we got to see more of him!

 he actually does know how to play nice... he just usually chooses to terrorize instead.
 "NO DES!"
 (then he feels bad for yelling at him) "want a kiss?"
 Good old uncle brady
 Banana chocolate chip muffins using this recipe 
(but replacing the 1/2 cup butter with 1/2 cup of chobani)
 and have I mentioned how in love I am with Bob Harper's Lentil Soup??? I am.
 This happened pretty much all weekend. Taking videos of little d either dunking or dancing to CRJ's "Call me maybe." (the harvard baseball parody of course.)
Was it really only two weeks ago that we had a completely packed house?
It literally feels like a lifetime ago.


anna. said...

love that he loves to take pics too ( :

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

future aspiring photog/ his mama (;

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

ps your hair is SO FAB no matter what you do with it. my envy x infinity.

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

pps #longhairdontcare (;

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