Friday, July 27, 2012

Proud mommy moment

As I was getting the diaper bag ready this morning for a quick trip to the grocery store, little d grabbed my attention as he plopped his bum in his BOB stroller.

"no car mom. I watt a go da stwooyer!"
(translation: he didnt want to take the five minute drive, instead he wanted me to run to the store with him, which is 1.5 miles or 20 minutes each way)

This wouldn't be such a big deal since we do it all the time. The store is also right next to the gym so sometimes we run to the gym and back. But jeez, I had to pick up a gallon of milk, we had exactly 40 minutes to do so (or risk mr. D not getting his milk, so that was a bit of a time crunch as the rolling hills and 80year old pavement makes for slower miles than usual.), AND Fridays are my absolute favorite super killer 75
Minute muscle pump class. Plus, he woke up early! 5 am-ish early and I was tired! Did I mention it was a thousand degrees of humidity, was raining a little still, and I was tired?!

Try telling that to a two year old.

So we went. I got in a tough three mile run, but it felt good. No excuses. That's why I love this age. Little d is the best running partner ever.

Of course as we were leaving the house post breakfast to the gym, he once again requested the stroller. It was a good thing we were running late. :)


Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

YESSSSSS best nephew ever!!

anna. said...

best baby ever!

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