Thursday, June 14, 2012

Utah Recap 2012 part 1 of 2

The first half of this month went by so fast, I am still trying to piece together everything that happened.
In short, we flew out to Utah for 10 days as a last big travel "hurrah" for little d, since once he turns 2 and we are faced with paying full price for him to get a plane ticket... let's just say we are staying put for quite a bit until we can come to terms with paying for THREE airline tickets instead of just two.
You would think that I would be super excited that Uncle Mike got a job at an airline in SLC doing customer service, and then gets standby tickets we can use. Unfortunately that comes with the possibility of not getting on the flight you intend on getting on, and while flying with little d is not so bad, being in an airport with a child who only wants to run as fast as humanly possible to touch every corner of said airport is much more challenging than one would think. So no standby for me (us), thank you very much. But I digress.

Since it does't really matter what happened when (and I can't remember the dates too well anyway), Here's a basic rundown of the trip and who we saw and what we did:
-The Hamilton's: picked us up from the airport, let us play with their cute pets, borrow all their baby gear for a week and hung out with us at their home (even if one of us was super whiny and cranky) as well as at PF.

 Love all these cute blonde babes!
-Visited my old stomping grounds at PG. Saw lots of girlfriends (and their kids) Laura, Cassidy, Sarah, Kellie, Sari and Jen (who is supposed to receive her baby girl via adoption anyday now!) and was able to attend the latter's baby shower. (guess who picked out the minnie mouse portion of our gift??)
 Classy ladies eating food when we are supposed to be getting our glamour shots done.
 ...but can you blame us?
 Kellie, Sarah, Me and Emily (all without babies in tow... see how happy and stress free we look?)
Went on a walk with (would have run but one of us had to be injured and couldn't run) Laura
 of course we had to sit in her Pink Chair. Still my favorite part of her house.
 the diva known as Oakley and little d
Cass and Me and our kiddos
 little d getting fresh like his daddy... (doesn't he remember he's betrothed to Lily?)
David and Jen... sure do miss our neighbors!! But can't wait for them to get their baby girl!
-Hung out with my sisters, brother, and BiL Mike. Stayed with my sister Sarah who was running the marathon (which I have no idea how she trained for it since she has been and continues to be super busy with work and school and theater related stuff, in addition to having a wild social life, ahh the life of a young single BYU student!).
 Eating gelato and finding pink scooters to ride around in... followed by a run in twinner attire.
-Parentals came into town, so we ate lots of good food! Pizza Factory, Yogurtland, Zupa's, Cafe Rio, Pantrucas (A Chilean restaurant), Kneaders, etc. NEVER a shortage of good food around my family. Also a given? Running around campus like we own the place.

 Cafe Rio!!
 With Em, Anna and Kimmie 
(and Kimmie's cute baby, don't worry I don't hate her for losing ALL her baby weight in 3 weeks)

-Watched Sarah run her first marathon, duh! She did freaking awesome and I am super proud of her! She has been battling a foot injury the last few weeks and the most she ran before the marathon was 17 miles. Thanks to a marathoning physical therapist, lots of hours of PT and TLC, she made it and felt good afterwards... not even too sore! I was so jealous. She's already thinking of running another marathon this year!

 only because I wanted the glory of running in another marathon I ran a few miles with her...

 Thank you, Bill Rodgers, for getting everyone in my family on a thumbs up kick.
 Hydration and otter pops go hand in hand... only in utah!
 Then I ran super lightning speed the last mile (leaving sarah in the dust) to get prepped for her big finish!
 Winner winner! Under 5 hours!
You know she is a good aunt because she shared her Creamie Popsicle with little d.
 Yes,  I made the sign (inspired by one I saw while running Boston), and I do think this is the only family picture we took this year. Merry Christmas.
Uncle Drew and Aunt Michelle came over after their long run to say hello to the newest marathoner!
 And little d and I hit up our favorite Provo Farmer's market for a mexican lunch with limeade.

-No wonder my parents love La Quinta hotels. They stock you up on all the best apples, cinnamon rolls , cocoa and down comforters.

-Made the trek up to Layton to see my dear friend and BYU Art Ed colleague Casey and her cute family. They are completely redoing their basement on their own and it looks amazing! She will even have a studio all to herself lucky girl! How she manages to keep such a cute clean house with two little kids is beyond me. :)

 Those bags under my eyes are from all the 3-6 hour nights of sleep I had at night while driving all over utah during the day. I was a total Zombie mom that week!
also this happened on the way down from Layton... thumb sucking?! I haven't seen it since but it was quite a shock and so random! (while watching Baby Red Sox movie for the 124340th time by the way)

-Had a lovely girl's night with my mom and sisters (and Em, who if you have seen the Kardashians, is basically the Malika of our family) and watched Dark Shadows since we all have a thing for Johnny Depp movies. Somehow didn't get a single picture of all of us together. Then we made like bandits to that Chilean restaurant for fresh peach juice and empanadas.. There is literally nothing better in this world.

-Spent two Sunday afternoon with the Hawkins' who I swear I could live with and never not be entertained. That family is a total crackup. Mr. D met John on his mission in AZ, and since they remained friends afterwards, his wife Jessica and I became instant friends, like the kind where you can not see or hear from in a year and still pick right back up where we started. I am pretty determined to make their daughter my daughter in law in 20 years. Can you imagine all the cute blonde grandbabies I would have?!
Little d with future inlaws Jess and John, 
also fifth wheel Michal (John's sister) who I just love love love to bits!
 the little lovebirds
 Take note: coupled with a handsome blonde husband, brunettes make adorable blonde babies!
 too bad lily doesn't like hugs.
 completely the opposite of his real life... little d surrounded by girls!
-And of course I spent some time with Granny (and Charlie!!!) and Grandpa, two of the sweetest souls I know. It is so stinking difficult to say goodbye to them, not knowing when I will see them again, but I know we are always in their prayers and they are in ours.
-And what remains is mostly a whole lotta friends and family time...  you will have to wait for (a much shorter) part two tomorrow. :)


anna. said...

seriously...that should be our christmas picture. that would be hilarious. also i always look angry with that sign. love all the other pics! mostly baby d's angry at rachael's house too ( :

...and where did you get gelato??

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

I love being white Malika!!!!

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