Thursday, June 21, 2012

photo a day may @fatmumslim

See, there's this thing called instagram and I am obsessed with it. It is pinterest for my phone except more personal and I adore it. So these photo a day challenges are something I look forward to doing each day, and I try to take at least two pictures a day, one for the challenge and one for my love letters (which I am SUPER behind on, that will be my project this week now that I am fully recovered from my Utah Hangover and done with that expletive portrait painting. I have one other painting in the works but it will be acrylic (thank goodness) and a copy of a Hopper that I love, so it should be fun and not terribly torturous. I'll start that once I get caught up on the blog.

Catching up with blogging is probably the #2 concern people tell me they have with their blogs. It is too overwhelming, massively intimidating, etc. Yeah I have that problem every once in awhile (okay like all the time since I had little d) so I make a list and do a couple at a time. Preferable two or three posts, once a week and set them to post at specified times.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy. #1 Concern: "I have nothing good to blog about." Puh leeez. If it is important to you, you can and should blog about it! Maybe that is easy for me to say because I don't have a journal or scrapbook, and this triples as that and a family album of sorts since we never print out pictures. But I digress.

Photo a day may:
peace, skyline (or lack thereof), something you wore, fun!
 bird, you, something that inspires you, a smell you adore
 something you do everyday, favourite word, kitchen, something that makes you happy
 mum, grass, love, what you're reading
 snack, something you made, a favourite place, something you can't live without
 where I stand, pink, technology, something new
 unusual, 12 o'clock, something sweet, the weather today
 a number, your personality, something beautiful
already working on June... over halfway there!
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