Sunday, June 17, 2012

one month away from having a two year old

Seriously?! Seriously.
-favorite game is "Is that mommys car?" as we walk into a parking lot, and he can always pick out my car because of the barn on my license plate. Gotta love Ohio and the fact that we have those plates for the next two years. Winning.
-when someone asks how old he is he responds "i'm four?" while holding up 2 or three fingers up... Cute because I know he's not even two but I wonder if people thing there's something wrong with my "four year old" who can't count.
-a cell phone taught him to count to 10. I can pretty much teach him anything through song.
-obsessed with blues clues much? We skiddo everywhere now. And are pretty awesome at it.
-loves painting, playing ball (but his skills have suffered since he started making a sound of a batt colliding with a ball instead of actually trying to hit the ball), watching golf.
-traveled to Utah and frequently proclaims he is "going to California" to visit dani or "going to school" with Daniel, complete with lunchbox and sits in the car, waiting.
-understands make believe. Likes to play catch with an invisible ball.
-can use more logic. Instead of crying when he goes down to sleep, I convince him his bears/stuffed animals are so tired and sad because they miss him. So he happily joins them for a nap, no complaining.
-makes friends, remembers their names (Catherine is his favorite, "teacher" is second favorite) at the gym day care. Is starting to get better/more willing to share. But still recognizes things as "mine" (or miyyyyne when hes whining) and has a hard time sharing those things.
-figuring out discipline is HARD WORK. The first two hours post-sleeping he is always in a terrible, cranky, sensitive mood and cries ("twies" as he calls it) . He can express himself perfectly through speech at this point, but when he whines and cries and throws a fit I have no idea what's going on. Still trying to figure out what to do on that front.
- sentence structure has completely exploded in the last month. Most of it requires translation/interpretation by yours truly and most sentences are questions but there is some serious brainwork going on in that lined noggin. Yesterday kevs killed a mouse and left it right by the screen door for all to see. Little d asked "dad, ah see des eat it ah mouse aight der?" (dad did you see Kevin ate that mouse right there?).
-Also yesterday he learned (finally!) to whisper, cupping his hands over his mouth and speaking, well, in a legit whisper! Hopefully he remembers that for church on Sunday.
-he's become super helpful. I come into the childcare after they call me in and he tells me "mom I pooped in mah diapurr" then runs to the bathroom and opens the door for me, or if we are home lays down in the spot where I change him and waits for me to get it done. Mind you this isn't every time, but since I started bribing him with a single baby wipe, he's been quite enthusiastic to get changed. He does not like being in a soiled diaper for more than about 60 seconds so that helps too.
-yup, baby wipe, you read that right. Little d has this thing for towels, especially hand towels, paper towels, tissues. They all fall under the category of "towel", (which he pronounces perfectly) and he likes to lay them out, flat and perfect. I think he's picked up some OCD. I blame it on the mister :)
-"this little piggie went to market..." is the new favorite game, demonstrated by him thrusting his bare feet in your face and demanding "piddie"!
-he discovered my iPod shuffle for the first time yesterday because I forgot to take it off of me before picking him up. The one direction song was playing loudly and he started bobbing his head and singing "eee eee no ah boo tee fo" (you don't know you're beautiful). Still shocks me he knows that song.
-is still in love with our 11 year old neighbor, Lauren and asks where se is all the time. School? The beach? Luckily she comes over at least every other day to play and is a huge sanity saver on his bad days.
-recognizes and loves ice cream. "eye cream". Favorite flavor is strawberry.
- we decided on a blues clues themed birthday for next month. Paw prints everywhere and all the food will be blue. Get excited.
-sleeping is still inconsistent with all the travel but it's mostly sleep 8pm to 6am with a 2 hour nap.
-he's finally started to loosen up about textures and food mixing, so eating anutrigrain bar is less about trying to get all the filling separated from the exterior and more about just eating t.
-I dubbed in nursery last week and was astounded at how routine oriented he is. He sees those plastic placemats and he knows it's food time, sets the chairs out by the table, cleans up the toys and opens up his mouth, bird style demanding "I eat fishes!"
-new favorite word? "dinner time!"
-says "soop-man!" everytime he spies spiderman or superman (usually a kids t shirt). Has a superman shirt he adores, probably because I spend the whole day calling for "soop-man dust!")
-is a runner. Runs from me, to me, but mostly in the opposite direction as me and always thinks its a game. Worked out lovely at the airport, thank you I everyone around me for not reporting me for leaving my luggage and stroller to race (literally) across the airport and collect my toddler. Sitting still is not a strong point.
-shifted from PBSKids to home movies watching on my phone (which after the trip to utah was a huge sigh or relief for my phone and its accompanying data plan) Always watches videos of himself With a sweet smile on his face.

23 months! Wow.


Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Hahaha I love that Kev mouse sentence. I love Lil D too.

K. S. Powers said...

Goodness! I can't believe he's almost 2! It seems like you just had him yesterday...

anna. said...

ahh he's so big!!!

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