Monday, June 04, 2012

Feel free to pack up inside my suitcase please

Otherwise known as days 1 and 2 o The Final Round of Flying for Little D. Yesterday. After waking up at 2am mst, we flew through AZ to UT and made it to stable, nappable ground by 2pm mst. One of us napped for two hours. We came to visit with granny for a bit and to meet up with Surah when we were bombarded with out of town family (Joey Reza and Charlie!!) in addition to the regulars, and were feted to a delish first summer BBQ.

Came "home" to grandpa Phil's, little d crashed by 9 while I visited and didn't make it to bed till midnight. Bad move.

Enter Sunday morning. 2am. Crying from little d's room. LOUD. I bring him out of his pack n play to my bed where he immediately falls asleep between e and a mound of pillows. For an hour till he starts getting restless while sleeping and by 4am I've had enough and put him back in his own bed. Co sleepers I don't know how you do it. He cries for awhile and I finally retrieve him and pass out next to him till 6:30 when I wake up because I feel someone watching me. There he is, looking down on me with those baby blues, "hi mom. Eh sleep?" Eh sleep is right.

We breakfast, church it up, noodles and melon for lunch (thanks Michelle!), he naps for one hour while I visit with grandpa and we are off to visit quite possibly three of my most favorite people. My apologies to all my other friends but no one can make me smile or laugh as much (other than mr.d!!) as these crazy kids. Thanks for the ab workout. We came home to the cutest Whittingham family and the most adorable dog on the planet that I just want to take and keep forever, sorry Kevin. I am in love with Dash. And of course I forgot to take a single picture but little d had a blast with Dash and the fam here and we will see them later this week (and i will
Hopefully get to attend my first crossfit class!!!) Off to bed now for hopefully my first good nights sleep in 72 hours!

Miss and love you from 2000+miles away, mr. D!


anna. said...

everyone loves being friends with baby d!

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

my silly faces are way bigger than his... by the end of this week i will either tone it down or teach him to be bigger and sillier with his own. mission accepted (: so happy you are here and ANNA GET HERE SOONER!

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