Monday, June 18, 2012

DZ #37 make it monday: family portrait

This project was by far the most time consuming, tedious, laborous painting or project of any kind I have ever done in my entire life. I offered to submit my services for sale as a service project, and have to admit it will not happen again. There is a reason why people like photographs more than paintings, and that is because it looks exactly like that person. When you paint someone's portrait, you are highlighting the things that make them stand out, so any imperfections/flaws that define them as that person. When you photograph someone, you make them look their best because ultimately they will end up resembling themselves no matter what.
 I spent hundreds of hours in high school and college doing portraits and loved it. Probably because most of them were self portraits and I didn't have to worry about what anyone thought of my portrayal. Worrying about offending someone by making them appear a certain way was a concern at the forfront of my mind for dozens of hours on end.
 Some people listen to music, after about 10 hours of music and audio books, I turn to listening to trashy reality shows. Laguna beach, teen mom, 16 and pregnant, thank you for getting me through all those hours of hard labour.
In short, oil painting was something I really liked doing BEFORE I got pregnant and had to worry about labels warning of birth defects. Also painting in general with a child around (even scheduling in during naps and early bedtimes) is a chore and not one I enjoy at all. I was a little dissapointed with myself, especially after looking up to painters/mothers like Merrick and Cassandra for years. Initially I felt like a failure for hating painting so much but then I though that maybe this will be good for me, to step away from all this for awhile. Maybe when I have my own studio I will be more inclined to paint, or maybe I will find something else altogether to make me happy.

Painting for hours made me deliriously happy once. And I think it could again. And if not, then maybe I will just join Bananas for culinary school.

35% complete with my Day Zero List. Only 400 some days left to go.

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anna. said...

food is an art. believe it.

and like we always can't rush art!

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