Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2012 Utah Trip Part 2

Part 1 had a lot of pictures. Part 2 is no different.
Ask any mom with a small child about a vacation or certain period of time and she will attest to days blurring into weeks and months and eventually years. Everything gets muddied with pregnancy brain and post-natal brain isn't much better. I honestly remember very little about what else happens in my life aside from the photos I take, which help jog my memory. And what with this being our big trip of the year and now that you know my compulsion to take pictures is a direct result of my innate fear of forgetting what I consider a memorable moment (all 1200+ moments from this trip to be exact), here you go. More pictures and not much else.
Our trip would not have been complete without a few visits with Granny...

 As well as a lot of loving on DK... guess that Red Sox Baby DVD I knock on was actually really great for teaching him how to give awesome hugs! Who knew?
 Oh, Zupas. Have I mentioned how much I miss you?????
 And the accompanying Zupa's gang of course

 Little D had his first (to my best knowledge) experience with legos. Apparently they are not just laid but have to be secured on top of each other.
Uncle Mike
 DINOSAUR kisses xx
 There was a pretty epic game of Pretty Pretty Princess the night before Bananas left. Of course I won and of course none of us knew how to actually play "by the rules" and of course we were missing a piece even though we had never played... do you like Bananas' mad drawing skills?
 why I shouldn't let my siblings "borrow" my phone... because I get a million of these:

 Ok, these are legitimately cute.

 Disney Store in the new outdoor mall in Salt Lake City, where you can see the temple from pretty much anywhere. Pretty Epic.
 Pasta dinner at Pizza Factory (where I found out that my son absolutely loves peas.... GROSS!) with grandpa and uncle matt, among others.
 More photo ops with uncle mike (who little d is twinner matching, not planned but oh so cute)
 ESPN much?
 Sleeping in utah was... a challenge. Like waking up multiple times a night then waking up at 5 am for the day like a newborn challenge. We were going to bed at 10pm, mind you. Lack of sleep does not sufficiently describe our status, and most mornings I would just pull him into bed with me (and he would bring along his "babies"), silently pray/try to fall asleep while he tried prying open my eyelids and snatching my phone off the dresser. He does have an awfully sweet "just woke up" face that is pretty hard to say no to.
 Again, more time with uncle DK.. this one was before church, hence the missionary hairstyle.
 My mom always tries to get me to go shopping with her for some new clothes, which ordinarily I would love, but when I am on vacation with little d in tow, I hate it. Shopping for myself is something that takes a lot of time and generally stresses me out to no end since having a baby. She will usually offer to babysit for awhile and hands me the credit card on my way out the door, or she just buys something for me. She did the latter this week and I was super impressed. And yes, that is the most I can suck in my stomach for two seconds without fainting. It certainly didn't look quite the same while I was chasing my toddler around church for three hours, but you get the idea.
 Once again this is Lily and she and little d are betrothed.
Set your calendars for sometime in spring of 2032.
watching the new polar bears exhibit.  cool dude, cool glasses.
 She likes kisses, he likes hugs.... they have plenty of time to work that out.

 First trip on a merry go round. and we went twice!

 Love, love, love our time spent with these guys. Perfect day, only thing missing was Mr. D :(
 remember how I ran a few miles of the marathon with Surah? Well, we both got sunburns on the left side of our body. memo to me only to run races like Boston where I face away from the sun (going east during midday) so I can properly and evenly tan myself. Rude, Utah, rude.
 another first? going through a carwash. someone was a little terrified, even with a lollipop.
 Rach and I
 Sari and I

 Love us some Grandpa Phil
 Daniel's clan

 Oh and who could forget getting locked out of sarahs apartment THREE times. We broke in twice and the other time just waited around for a key...

 Easily entertained but you knew that.
 THE ONE MORNING (of course the last morning) where he woke up at 5 am and actually fell asleep with me for two hours. No I did not sleep well because someone kept kicking me every ten minutes. :)
 made one last visit to see aunt jamie before the all day flying to get back home
 see ya, utah!
 and he fell asleep after 45 minutes of crying, in my arms for the first time in months. Maybe it has even been a whole year since this last happened? (also that is pen marking in between his eyes, not sure how that happened).
 I'm going to be completely honest with you here. This trip was more exhausting than I could have ever imagined. I was playing single mom to an insomniac, jetting around all over the place trying to visit with and see every friend and family member we have grown to love over the last six years. It was a LOT. But we had a wonderful time and it ended perfectly with exactly 2 hours and 45 minutes of sleeping for him and a lot of thinking for me. Warm snuggly baby bodies are just too perfect not to crave another one. But for now, I am perfectly content with my one crazy lovebug.
And of course a HUGE thanks to Mr. D for making our entire trip possible, even though I know he would have loved to have made it himself. I am confident we will make it back again for a visit with him... hopefully next time. :)

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