Friday, May 25, 2012

Wonderful Wellesley

This past weekend was a celebration of "Wonderful Wellesley", where we started off on Friday by going to a fair outside of a local elementary school where we spent our tickets on fishing (win), bouncehouse (not a good experience), and this huge slide down with burlap sacks (double win... he wanted to do it over and over again but we had to stop with a slide apiece with me and uncle tooey), watermelon and pizza and ice cream with sprinkles (win).

Saturday was just gorgeous!!! We played outside, took little d mini golfing (for the first time!) where he did amazing and lasted through 16 holes before having a meltdown since we were cutting it close to dinnertime and it was scorching hot in the blazing sun.
Sunday night we went to watch fireworks (which were super impressive) with Tooeydani (little d's nickname for Cory and his girlfriend, in town from Cali). He was a trooper and stayed up till 9 (when we just started getting his bedtime down to 730) by doing crazy dances and keeping us constantly entertained. Love this boy!!!



anna. said...

hah super dancing boy. just love.

also i bet he's better at mini golf than me...

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

such a cute little dancer. also, love that i can see him snacking on a piece of bread in one of those photos...he's clearly related to us.

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