Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sweetest Sunday boys

One of my favorite things about having kevs around since the birth of my child is that they really do love each other. Little d tries his best to hug, clean, hug some more, and pose des for a photo op "ay cheese des!" and the crazed chipmunk/squirrel/mouse/bird-eating monster of ours calms like a ragdoll and allows the overwhelming show of love.

Also, the star picture of little d was taken for nursery an hangs outside the door at church so he knows what class to go to. I think he looks part wild child, part almost kindergardener.
Either way I am in love with his hair right now, as I just love when it gets all crazy and sweaty and he looks like a mad scientist. A mad scientist who can easily hit a 20 foot homer.


anna. said...

ahh cant wait to see that sweaty baby face soon!

also you ( :

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

love his loving his des. + crazy perfect hair that he has.


Cory Reese said...

Props on the mad scientist hair.

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