Sunday, May 06, 2012

So let it be known

I know I talk a lot about little d's vices on this blog (remember last weeks 4am wake up call?) but days like today make me feel so bad about saying stuff like that because he was just a doll baby today.

He woke up at 6:20, I brought him to our bed where he happily played with my PBSKids app for an hour, had breakfast (which after months of figuring out what he really wants for breakfast we have finally narrowed down to a baseball hat cup of Special K red berries with milk), played and colored and he watched Blues Clues while I showered. We played baseball in the yard till church, he had the best experience at church that he has had in almost 22 months (the very best being that first Sunday when he was about 12 hours out of the NICU and slept through all three hours, he has only done that once!), and he happily told me "i nap, mom! Night!" when I put him down. No crying or whining. It was a miracle. A much needed miracle.

I've found that keeping little d busy and entertained (yes even if it means a little tv so I can catch up on sleep or a shower!) makes him happiest because he hates being bored!!

I have a wonderfully active, happy, energetic, non-stop toddler that I love so much and I really wouldn't have him any other way. Honest. My life would be sooo boring without him!


anna. said...

gosh. putting those pics side by side make me realize how crazy it is that he's growing up. ridic.

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

love. all. that. beautiful. hair. please never let him buzz his head.

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