Thursday, May 17, 2012

missing my boston marathon 2012

can you believe it has been one month and one day since this happened?

I miss it. A lot. Like tears coming to my eyes when I think back on it. 
I am so so glad I finally got the guts (and the hookups) to run my first marathon.

The nice thing about the last month is that I've been able to stop eating like a complete maniac, and since I have scaled back the running I have been able to get into some fun weights, spinning, and cardio classes at the gym. Love it! My longest run since the marathon has only been about 5 miles, but I feel great when I do run. I miss racing!! It will be torture to watch my sister and friends running the UV marathon next month! A half marathon is definitely in the cards for me very soon.

Until then, I need to add something new to my wardrobe... still deciding on which ones to get. Since its kind of odd to wear my medal around everywhere, I need to buy one of everything so I can always be reminded of my Boston Marathon, rain or shine or cold or 2012 marathon heat.

I am thinking, everything on this line minus the duffel (I already have two)...

 Maybe the shorts? Or one of the tees? Maybe a visor in case I have to run another sunny marathon?

Ok, I'll be honest. I love EVERYTHING here. How on earth will I ever choose??


Have Your Way said...

I think I even had a hard time to try to tell you what I think you should get! haha

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

um. get rich and get everything! easy solution (; have two duffels?! wanna give me one? (:

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said... totally should just wear your medal everywhere. and see what responses you get from people. hahahaa (:

anna. said...

i agree with surrah. wear the medal!

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