Monday, April 16, 2012

Today I am a Boston marathoner.

Not just a marathoner.
Not just a Bostonian.
But a Bostonian who ran her first Boston marathon.

And it was awesome.
Just imagine being a rock star for five hours with literally thousands of people cheering your name.

Hurts so good is an appropriate phrase right now.

A better recap will come tomorrow but overall I felt good. Sore at the end but you can never underestimate the value of walking down stairs backward.

Also passed and beat Teddy Bruschi by like 30 minutes. That guy is one of my favorite patriots and I love him to pieces (he came back to football after suffering a stroke but passing him did feel oh so good. Don't worry I got pictures. Plenty of pictures to share tomorrow.

For now... Ice bath. 25 minutes. All in!


Julia said...

Eeeeeekkkk! Squealed when I got your finish text and just squealed again! So excited for you!!! Congrats again BOSTON marathoner!!!!!!!!!

ashley & sundance said...

OMG. Ruth! I am so INSANELY proud of you!

I was getting your text alerts and I think I was most excited for yours! I totally said a little prayer for you before I got on my plane this morning!

Can't wait to read the full recap and see your pics! :)

theWife said...

SO.FREAKING.AWESOME!!! Congrats! You ARE a RockStar! I too cannot wait for details tomorrow! So proud of you... Now, what will you do with all of your extra time? Start on baby #2?

Sarah said...

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE FULL RECAP eeeeeeeek!!! (: (: (: and i second the baby #2 memo (;

Eric and Andrea said...

Oops- I wrote my comment on the wrong post. I'll write it here too- CONGRATULATIONS! Are you so happy to be done now? So proud of you Kron!!!

Missy said...

Congratulations Ruth! That's awesome, can't wait to read your recap. You are a brave soul to tackle that 80 degree weather!

anna. said...


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