Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Technical difficulties and FAQs

My laptop is still being ridiculous so a quick post will have to tide you over till Friday when I hopefully can get a post together.

FAQs from my Boston marathon:
1. Did you poop your pants? No. I didn't even need to go to the bathroom till after I stopped running at the finish.
2. What did you eat pre marathon? Special k red berries with skim. I never eat much before a race. Not even much water... But I drink and eat a good amount the night before.
3. What did you eat the night before? I'm big on breakfast foods and don't like pasta much at all, so we did breakfast for dinner with French toast, fruit, bacon, bread pudding.
4. What did you eat during the marathon? A good rule of thumb in training is stick with what works. I knew the day before the race that all that would go out the window since pretzels, fruit snacks and water weren't going to keep me going in the heat. So I had those as well as Gatorade and chocolate gu from the BAA and a bunch of food from spectators: oranges, candy, a cookie, ice, and a ton of water.
5. How did you feel during the marathon? Most of the race was just awesome because there are literally people cheering for you for 26.2 miles. I felt like a rockstar and the recommendation of putting my name at the front of my tank was brilliant. At about 11 miles i thought wow My feet hurt. I hadn't even run a half marathon!! I was literally hydrating every mile, I was so scared to see runners on the side of the road and carried away on stretchers and thinking that cannot be me! Midway I felt just awful and about mile 18 I started feeling better. Miles 20+ I kept expecting to hit a wall and... It never happened. I was swallowed up in euphoria and while I hurt I could keep going and uncle Matt even told me that my last 2km were my fastest the whole race!! I really was trying to pace myself the first half but I think I went out a little too fast. The heat really does make a huge difference, even if it is just mental concern about that big fat DNF.
6. How did you feel after the marathon? Shock. It was so surreal. I couldn't believe the marathon had already come and gone!!! It happened so fast! Then I got my medal and started crying. I did it!
7. How did you think you did time wise? I was pleased by the time. 5 hours is great for a first time in the heat run. The race started at 10:40 and I finished before 4pm, which is not the most ideal time to race in the heat. I think with a cooler race, I could get closer to 4:45 or less, since the last 10 miles I walked through every water/Gatorade station to make sure I got enough fluids.
8. Why did you finish the second half I the race slower than the first? Well I expected that to happen but would have been faster except I wasn't sweating at all through the first 15 miles and that sorta freaked me out. It was hot and I should have been sweating more so I just made sure to drink frequently but not necessarily a lot. I also avoided hoses and sprinklers since I had my iPod (which I only half listened to for about four miles, completely unnecessary in this race with all the sights and sounds of the marathon) and phone on me and did not want either of those to short out midway.
9. Did you eat 2600 calories post race? No. I actually didn't get really hungry till today! I ate some protein bar, a smoothie and half a burrito and of course two Swiss rolls. So basically a normal meal. Lame, right? :)
10. Will you run another marathon? Yes!!! I can't wait to start planning my next race. There's only one thing to keep me from racing so I suppose if that doesn't happen soon... Anyway, I am not sure about running another marathon while I am still in the midst of my babymaking years but I will definitely be running another marathon and I will definitely make it back to Boston, hopefully qualifying this time :)

Bonus: which is easier... marathon vs. labor?
Marathon is easier hands down. You walk about the same, zombie like, and are sore for a few days but mostly post marathon you feel good because your body seemed to work with you rather than against you. and nothing screams I am working against you like 12 hours of back labor and then a saggy belly... But you get a miracle after labor. A feeling that is not fleeting but with you forever, while the feeling of finishing a marathon is just as euphoric but far too fleeting. It's like a drug. It took me 18 months post-labor to realize I wanted/needed another baby. It has taken me less than 24 hours to realize I need another marathon. I find myself saying "five hours of running is really not that bad" and "I wonder how much faster I can be if I incorporate speed work next time".

Also... Heartbreak hill. Overrated. To someone who ran for years in Utah it was easy. I ran all through the newton hills and loved every minute of it because it reminded me of my friends and running with them in Utah.

Last thing for Andrea specifically: how did my body/feet handle all the mileage? Aside from a few small spots on my shoulders that burned from missing the second round of sunscreen, I had a tiny bit of chaffing under my armpits (inevitable when u aren't sweating as much as you should) and that was it! NO black toenails falling off or blisters or anything like that... Maybe I am just lucky or maybe it just comes from getting fitted for running shoes at running specialty stores (which I highly recommend) where they size your shoes an average of one size bigger than your regular shoe size to accommodate swelling from all the running.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions I haven't covered!


Have Your Way said...

O YAY!!!!! So proud of you!

rob fam said...

Seriously Ruth, you totally and completely rock!! And I loved this FAQ! Can't wait to see more. And more importantly.... Can't wait to see you guys in June!! Love and miss you girlie!

naomi said...

Man, I'm somewhere between utterly grossed out and totally impressed with your marathonning. 5 hours? I know someone else who ran the boston marathon and they're usually a total speed demon, but with the heat and all it took them much longer. You must have mental fibre made of steel! Nicely done, man, nicely done. Also, marathons might be easier than labour in terms of physical exertion, but definitely not in terms of mental strength and discipline - you TRAINED for that marathon!

Missy said...

Love this post! It is such an accomplishment Ruth and I am so proud of you!

anna. said...

so glad you didn't poop your pants. that would have been gross.

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

LOL so glad about not pulling a little d and pooping your pants (;


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