Friday, April 06, 2012

Red Sox Wife, Red Sox Life

When I first got married to Mr. D in the spring of 2006, I felt fairly confident in my role as wife of a Red Sox Fan. I mean, I saw Fever Pitch a few times so I felt I was ready for it.

What Fever Pitch doesn't prepare you for is if your newlywed husband gets an internship with the Red Sox. So basically it's his JOB to be at Fenway ALL THE TIME. I was so unprepared for that. And while I had a job of my own it was barely part time and I had a lot of free time and lonely nights to myself, while living with my new inlaws. Enter the Red Sox games. My MIL would make dinner and DVR the game, which we would start later after dinner. I rekindled my love of running in New England. I got to know the game of baseball, the players, and occasionally (when we could sneak me in) the city of Boston as it relates to Fenway park.

It was a difficult couple of months for a selfish newlywed like me (why shouldn't he be spending 24/7 with me like he did when we were dating, right??) but a learning experience. I learned to love the Red Sox by virtue of the fact that I love my husband and in laws and they love the Red Sox. I had married into it.

By the time 2007 rolled around, Mr. D and I were back in Boston for the summer but for another non Red Sox internship. More nightly Red Sox game
watching. I was hooked. I had favorites, we attended MLB and minor league games. A girl who grew up with dolls and dress up had sports and something magical to root for in New England sports. And it was awesome.

In March 2010 I found out I was having a boy and had dreams of playing ball with him... At least for a few years till he got better than me :) (who knew it would take less than two years for that to happen??)

We had our little Pedroia. His first word was ball. And just over 18 months after he was born we found out that Mr. D was getting relocated to Massachusetts so here we are, back at my inlaws place but this time looking for a place for good. Back to watching Red Sox games but this time I have a little fan with me. Who says things like "Dah-stehn pah-doy-ah!" and "bays-ball! Who-ray!" with such charm that it makes me simultaneously fall in love with little d, baseball, and of course Mr. D all over again.

There is something truly magical about rooting for something that is so much bigger than I am. So that is why I am running the Boston Marathon. And that is why I will always and forever love
the Red Sox and my Red Sox husband. And I will always be the Red Sox wife. And mama. :)


Rachelle Wardle said...

Love this post! I will be at Fenway park in exactly 9 days and cannot wait!!! So so so excited. :):)

anna. said...


Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

FAMOUS TWINSSSSSSSSSS. meaning me on byu's homepage and him on boston's homepage...aka...i taught him everything he knows. right??

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