Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nearly Mayday

From my experience with the good days/bad days cycle of inevitability, we are in for some pretty awful days ahead which started this morning when little d woke up in true Sunday fashion at 5:30 AM. For real. I ask myself every Sunday who's child is this. Didn't help that we stayed up past 1 last night to watch a movie. I'll be back to my 9pm bedtime tonight for sure!!

Anyways yesterday was wonderful (and dare I say perfect?) and worth at least a week or two of awful sleepless teething nights (not that I'd wish for such a thing).

We went out to dinner at Capital City Grille, AKA the most expensive meal we could never afford. Thank goodness my awesome inlaws offered to not just watch little d but to give us some gift cards they had so we paid nothing for our meal. I think Mr. D will consider that alone reason it was the best anniversary ever. That's how we roll.

I have a husband I love so very much. I have a son who lights up my life and makes my 12 hour workdays just delightful... Most days :) Not to mention full of baseball, soccer, basketball, and golf. The kid sure does love his sports!


Eric and Andrea said...

I love the Capital Grill. And yes it is so expensive!! But I'm glad you guys got to eat there for free- that's the way to be!!

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

cute little black dress! i need one. because i love yours. the end. (:

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