Friday, April 20, 2012

My Boston Marathon 2012 Recap

If you don't like photos, stop reading this blog RIGHT NOW.
If you do, you are in for a real treat.

My Marathon Monday started at 5:55 am. Little d woke up, Mr. D took him upstairs and I slept another 45 minutes before I just couldn't sleep any longer and went ahead and got ready for my race. A 10:40 start time and a father in law who volunteered to take me to the start meant we got there at 9am, which left me only about an hour of fiddling around Athlete's Village. Super sunscreened up and started looking around for shade.
 Inside the enormous tent outside where everyone was milling about, waiting. Well, not really everyone. There are three sets of race bibs: red, blue, and white. Red and white are elites/people who qualified for Boston, and blue (that's me!) were the ones who raised money for charity (or had an awesome FIL like me, who called in a few favors for his favorite daughter in law!) By the time I got settled here, the reds had started running and the whites were lining up, so it was just us blues hanging out.
 Me super excited when they finally called out my wave! Blue wave, corral #5... 
 And so began the herding....

 All in, baby! LOVE this theme. Three port o potty breaks and I was headed out to the start!

 Runner's crack... ALL FREE!!! I may have snagged a few goods here :)
 Off we go! Longest .75 mile walk of my life. No stopping.
 Corral #5! Whoop whoop!
 Once we could see the starting line, the cameras started rolling and everyone went nuts!!!
 Spectators lining the pre-starting line... hardcore.
Some people started running once they saw the start line. Not me!
Had to save it all for once the chip started timing.

Me crossing the starting line... okay, now it was time to run!
Garmin was set, it was hot but I was breathing easy and actually had to slow myself waaaaay down since with the crowds and excitement I was clocking less than 9 minute miles and it felt like cake but I knew the feeling would not last. Spectators were EVERYwhere the eye could see!!!
 Fastest mile ever. Meaning I couldn't believe it came and went so fast.
 Sometime between miles 2 and 3, I saw this guy: Teddy Bruschi!! Love him!!
 What a stud. Too bad I had to pass him!

To be completely honest, the first 10 miles came and went a lot faster than I thought it would.
It was a good feeling. I felt good.
 I ADORE these big signs that were as we came into each town. Did you know I used to work in Natick? It was a little paint your own pottery studio called the Clayroom and if it still existed I would be working there right now. Easiest and funnest job ever. Not so fun? The ambulances that would speed by every once in awhile. Thankfully I didn't see anyone on the side of the road till after mile 13.
 Approaching Wellesley, I suddenly felt lead-legged. my feet hurt, my body ached, and I wasn't even halfway!!! This is my documented "devastation" face.
 ...good thing Concessa was there about five seconds later to boost my spirits and run a few yards with me. Absolutely my favorite quilting kickboxing zumba-ing friend, hands down. And yes she always looks that good in 80 degree heat.
 Wellesley with of course the Girls. No screaming, but cheering and hilarious signs.
 So so fun. And I did put my name on my race shirt, so I had all these girls cat calling me... hilarious!!
Just after the halfway point I met up with the fam. More pics they took a bit later. Re-suncreened, got some snack and a sip of gatorade.

I never hit a wall but I did start listening to music from about mile 13-17. I felt awful, every step felt like I was going so slow I was going backwards. After mile 16 I started hitting up every single water and gatorade station. That would be every mile. The first half I was only taking water and food at a hungry/as needed basis. Which was not very often. The farther into the race that I got, the more people I saw dropping to the side of the streets for whatever reason. Spectators were AMAZING and were passing out ice cold drinks, cookies, oranges, candy, and whatnot, not to mention hosing us down every chance they could get! Sure it was a blazing hot marathon, but the spectators understood how difficult that was for us marathoners and I have never heard so many words of encouragement in my life. Also they had a caffeinated chocolate Gu waiting for me, which really boosted my energy!
 The runners were almost as hilarious as the spectators, here is the Pesky's Pole Runner:
 In the meantime, while I was running, Mr. D and company (my parents, MIL, Cory&Dani, DK&Anna, little d) were making their way around the marathon route, meeting me at mile 3 (where they couldn't find me, it was honestly pretty packed until about mile 6 when the hoards of runners started to spread out and I felt like I could breathe a little easy), mile 13 at Wellesley, and mile 22 after heartbreak hill at Cleveland Circle, and of course at the finish (which was suuuuper packed, and they couldn't get too close). They absolutely ROCK for navigating the route with all my stuff and a little d in tow.
Spectators lined the streets like this all the way into Boston!! Crazy!!
 I have never been so happy to have just finished running 20 miles!! 6.2 more to go!!! This was when I started to worry I would hit a wall and yet I felt better the last 6.2 miles than I did the previous 20... I think pacing myself was key, since I had decided when I first started training that I would play it safe for 20 miles and if I felt good, go with the flow and run off with it!
 I would be remiss if I did not mention the four Utah Valley Marathon signs I saw along the way.. and thought of Sarah every time!!! Can't wait to watch you run in June, woman!!
 The amount of cups piling up as we went through each water stop was insane... even with cleaning them up there was so much trash. When I approached Heartbreak Hill I remembered driving it (Mr. D and I drove the route on Sunday morning) and thinking it was going to be pretty bad. All of the sudden I saw BC and out loud said "Where is Heartbreak Hill?" and the BC students went NUTS!!! They were screaming and high-fiving me and chanting my name and maaaaan did it feel good. My rockstar status went from "this is awesome" to "this is the best feeling EVER!!!"
 After seeing Boston College, I ran into the arms of my awesome family for a nanosecond. I felt so amazing that I just wanted to keep running! Then I saw my beloved Fenway Park's CITGO sign and that gave me such a boost of energy!
 One mile left!! I was elated and relieved and exhausted all at the same time.
 I took this once I saw the finish line directly in front of me... I was on cloud nine!! I was in view of the finish line and saw I could get in around 5:05 and was racing in (I don't know how people were walking into the finish!! There were SO many people and was so much excitement) as fast as I could!!
 Crossing that finish line. Felt so stinking good. Although I did think it took a little too long to get my medal. It was unlike any race finish I have ever been in, it was not crowded at all and there was a nice big area for you to leisurely get your blanket, medal, food, all while walking and not having to stop. Awesome.

 Yes, I got my own athlete alerts while I was running.
Slowing overall one minute per mile during 26.2 miles is not too bad in my book.
Especially since I WALKED through every single water station the last 8 miles.
Only walking I really did by the way... I think I registered it as about 9 minutes of the race I was not running and either walking or stopped with family or stretching. Running the Newton hills and Heartbreak Hills was probably my favorite part.
 Some of Anna's postrace pics. My legs felt like rubber and I nearly passed out after sitting for awhile then trying to stand up again.
 Two of my favorite facebook posts posted during my race, courtesy of Anna and Naomi.
 Cousin Haley came from her high tower at work to see me after the finish!! Love her.
 Also love Anna. Who else would spend $500 to see someone be crazysauce and run for 5 hours?
Speaking of awesome sibs, my favorite picture of DK probably ever...
 Me and little d fighting over a post-race banana...he won. But only because he was willing to eat it off the ground. This picture was taken right before I took about 30 minutes to go to the bathroom. 25 of which were telling my legs to bend and/or stand.
 Love my superfans.
 Of course not all the day was spent watching mom run. But he is pretty good at making friends.
 Glad I made the hubby proud :)
 And some of my favorite signs during the race:
(not my pictures but I found them on instagram)

 This was the BEST
 (the one in the left hand corner said "keep going keep going! That's what she said" HILARIOUS.)
 Also loved "your feet hurt because you're kicking so much ASSphalt!"
 Of course I had to find a pic of the finish (since I was too fired up and kicking to take one myself)...
just gorgeous.
 Poster from some of my superfans 
(I'm making this extra large so you can see where little d did some drawings)
Overall, an AWESOME race and incredible experience. Although I do have my regrets like not finishing in more style like this guy...
 Instead I finished by flapping my hands in the air, which of course I have no memory of. Also no memory of that man's awesome tank top.
 A few shots of me during the race not taken by me. I never knew what to do so I pulled a Sarah/Swift and did some heart shaped things. Awkward but slightly less than it could have been by doing a thumbs up.
 Whoops. I suppose the only more awkward pose would be a fist pump?
 And I look like a man. A walking man. Promise I was running there. I think that was the part where I was hollering "WHERE'S THAT HEARTBREAK HILL?!?! DOMINATED BY MEEEEEE!"
 OH yeah.
 And my sprint to the finish!!! (and only photo I may actually consider purchasing)
 Such a crazy contrast to my pre-race pic, which felt an awful lot like School Picture Day:
 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. The (bloated) face of a champion of the road,
full of water and gatorade and sunscreen.
For my own person record, the first 24 hours were pretty awful. Immediately after I felt like death. All I wanted to do was sit and never move again but I ice bathed for 25 minutes (felt like HEAVEN!!! I testify of the power of the ice bath!!), foam rolled the kinks out, and by 48 hours, more foam rolling and a massage later I felt about 70%. 72 hours I was running around the yard, pain-free with little d, and today (Friday) I am itching for a run, which I will hold off on till Monday per Hal Higdon's post-marathon recovery plan. The man got me to the finish line of my first marathon, he will forever be my respected idol and I will follow that recovery plan to a "T"!

Off to my next feat... Cape Cod Ragnar in three weeks!


ashley & sundance said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!

SO SO SO proud of you! :)

Tara Black said...

You are amazing! A few things:
1.) Who looks that good after running a marathon? Seriously you don't even look tired!
2.) are awesome!
3.) My favorite part of your post was the "That's what she said" poster.

MrsQ said...

Ah, I think this is my favorite race recap ever! I could feel all the energy and excitement... It looks like you had an incredible experience and it is extra awesome that you were able to have your family there with you to share it! :D Congrats!!

Have Your Way said...

YAY!!!! That is seriously SOOO awesome!!!

The posters were so funny at the end!!!

SO proud of you!!

Eric and Andrea said...

Awesome Kron! I loved your post. So glad you got so many pictures. Love you!!

Missy said...

Second of all- GREAT POST! Love all the pictures, you captured the best moments!
Third of all- GREAT RACE PHOTO!
Good job girl!

K. S. Powers said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats! Great recap! Sounds like it was an awesome experience. :) So happy for you!

Melissa Kent said...

Ruth, there is just one word to describe you - LEGIT!!!! You seriously amaze me. I love all your documentation, I just like to live vicariously through you. I might have to pretend my 5k is the Boston Marathon. Can't wait to see you in JUNE!!!

city said...

nice opinion.. thanks for sharing..

anna. said...

i miss being in bostonnnn (with you).

anna. said...

also the fact that i'm super proud of you kind of goes without saying.

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

THREE potty breaks before the marathon?? maybe that's why you didn't have to pee the whole time hahaha all your fluids were drained out (:

oh my scary ambulances!!! i hope that doesn't happen during about scary and intimidating!

hahahah wellesley girls?? love it!

also, how long did you stop halfway with fam?? like a real break or just a few secs? just out of curiosity to hear your story (:

pacing is so smart!!! i'll definitely do that with the first 20 too, just to be safe. so glad to hear it was a good last 6.2!!!

AHHHHHH UTAH VALLEYYYY #allin for sure (: (: (:

"where is heartbreak?" hahah YOU ARE TOO GOOD FOR BOSTON, CLEARLY

oh my gosh i am literally about to cry because you look SO elated at that last bit right when you saw the finish line!! did the blanket make you cold?? i can't imagine you needed help warming up!

LOL @ that hand-walking guy across the finish!! i guess i better start thinking of a fun way to cross the finish...maybe crawl on my hands and knees which will probably happen inevitably (;

lol PLEASE get that one where you were yelling! so great!!

"i will follow that recovery plan to a T"...remember how you cheated a bit and ran early? (; KIDDING haha still just love you so much and am SO PROUD OF YOU AHHHH i hope i can be half as awesome as you in just a few weeks!!!!!! :D :D:D:D:D

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

and...sorry for the longest comment in history haha i had to comment as i was reading it so i'd remember everything!! (:

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