Monday, April 02, 2012

Marathon Monday weeks 15-17 and worst case scenarios

Week 15: 33 miles
Mon-5 miles (58 mins), 15 min abs
Tues-15 min abs, 30 min elliptical, 30 min rowing
Weds-14 mile run (4 miles outside with BOB, 10 miles on TM in 1:45)
Thurs-60 mins bike, 20 mins abs/arms
Fri-9 miles (39 min outside for 4 miles with BOB, 50 mins TM 5 miles.
Sat-5 miles TM (53 mins)

Week 16: 40 miles!!! (highest mileage)
Mon-60 min elliptical
Wed-20 mile run outside... First consecutive long run I've ever had since my parents watched little d for me!! (3 hours 40 minutes). It was hard but doable. I knew at the end of the run that I could keep going for 6.2 miles!
Thurs-40 mins bike, 20 min rowing. 30 min Pilates/abs
Fri- holy cow was I sore!! I got a 60 minute deep tissue massage and thought I may never run again. But I pushed out 5 miles TM in 60 mins and felt much better on Saturday.
Sat-10 miles TM (5 miles in 51 mins then 5 miles in 45 minutes)
Sun-5 miles (60 mins) outside, NAKED run. For you non runners (and before my parents freak out at me), naked running is without any technology like iPods, phones, Garmin watches, etc. I was starting to feel the burnout from so many miles this week, and this Sunday morning run was the perfect
remedy to that lull. I felt free, reinvigorated, and refreshed during and after my run. After a few days of lead legs it felt good to have them closer to back to normal.

Week 17: 29 miles... Starting the taper!!
Mon: 5 miles TM (59 mins at 4-9% incline)
Tues-rest (only if you count a 13 hour drive to Boston rest haha)
Weds-8 miles TM (last day at the gym....yup I cried. 3.7 miles in 40 mins then 4.3 miles in 41 mins, so 81 mins total)
Thurs-rest (plane flight with cat and baby to Boston that actually turned out rather well!! Both boys were sweet and wonderful!)
Fri-40 mins run outside (4miles)
Sun-12 miles outside (2 hours 15 mins), running through lots of hills and some of the Boston marathon course)

The last few weeks I have been worrying about what can go wrong and what I will do to improve/have some semblance of control over the situation. Although I am thrilled to say that a hungry toddler and needing to stop midrun to take care of a poopy diaper will not be my concern, at least not during the hours of 7am-4:40pm, or whenever I finish on raceday. So here you have it: my best to worst case scenarios... Keep in mind I will be running from 10:40am- probably close to 4pm. Yes that intrudes on lunchtime and I already have monster breakfasts so I suppose I will have a huge "lunner" when I cross the finish line.
1. Slightly chilly temps of 30-55 degrees=perfection. I really couldn't ask for better weather than that. I would start out with sweats to stay warm and discard as I go along.
2. Sunny, no clouds. I can't wear sunglasses so I have a BYU baseball cap I really enjoy wearing during long runs.
3. Rain or snow. It would be nice to get cooled off but then I would have to worry about blisters. I have two pairs of running shoes so if there is a chance of precipitation, I will wear the old pair till Wellesley (halfway) where
Mr. D and the family will be waiting, then I'll switch out for my newer shoes.
4. Heat (meaning more than 60 degrees) This is the one I am most scared of because of our mild winter. Heat is great for spectators but for marathon runners means possibility of over or under hydrating, heat stroke, and just overheating in general enough that your body can't cool off. My plan for what I will wear for the marathon is a basic white tank, skort I have worn for just about every big race (super cool and comfortable), white baseball hat. I am hoping this will keep me cool enough in 65, 75, or (heaven forbid, knock on wood) 85+ degree weather.

I am enjoying the taper more than I thought I would. I like spending more time (especially quality time where I am not limping around with sore muscles) with little d and reading marathon history when he's asleep. It will be nice to have my husband back in my life again, I don't think I could have ever foreseen how tiring these months of travel would be for us. Two more weeks and he is back to being with us again, instead of just a weekend dad/husband. Probably the worst thing about that situation is the "x" factor, the uncontrollable part where little d is cranky, I'm overwhelmed/irritated/frustrated with something he has no control over, and poor Mr. D thinks this is how we are are all the time (we're not, I promise). Weekdays usually run smoothly and seamlessly with routine, trips to the library and gym and store and park, and little snacks eaten together in between. Our weekends could use a little more structure, but I think all that will fall into place once we find our new home and have a little more stability, hopefully before the summer is out. In the meantime I will just keep training, apartment shopping, and look for a pool to spend the summer in. :)


anna. said...

baby d looks like christmas ( :

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

i love that picture of your three boys (: now we gotta get another girl into this family....!! (;

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