Monday, April 09, 2012

Last marathon Monday before THE marathon Monday!!

Not having a gym definitely throws me into a funk, especially when I am tapering and don't have anything endorphin inducing to replace the lack of running.

A good week nevertheless. 21 miles.
Tues-4 mile run outside (43 min) with the BOB. Our halfway point was the barn where little d admires the four horses and I stretch. My favorite run of the week!
Weds-7 miles in 73 minutes outside with BOB. Was only supposed to be 6 but running to the library took longer than I thought it would... But worth the trip!
Thurs-3 miles (30min) outside with BOB.
Saturday-60 min "cross train" walking with BOB and Mr. D. I cringe just seeing walking and cross train next to each other since only while 9 months pregnant have I ever before considered walking as exercise but I figured that for the two weeks leading up to my first marathon, I would rather play it safe than have something go awry before the marathon.
Sunday-7 mile run solo outside. No garmin just me and my music and it was chilly but good. I've been eyeing the weather all weekend for next Monday and as of now it looks like chilly with a possibility of rain. Works for me.

Can I say I hate the taper? I do. If I didn't have a toddler to play with all day I would go completely crazy this week. Thankfully my other hobby is reading so I've been doing a lot of that courtesy of the Boston marathon history book (I will finish it before i run next week!!) and RW magazines.

We had a fun playdate this past week and a few trips to baby time at the library, and I think this week will take us to the museum of science and I will probably take little d with me to pick up my bib on Friday afternoon and I am still debating if I should buy an additional marathon shirt since I will probably shower with the one I get for finishing and never want to take it off. I am beyond giddy about running my first marathon because as anyone knows who has had a first kiss or first
Love or first baby or even first race in a particular distance... There will never be anything like it. EVER. It will dance in my dreams or haunt me in my nightmares until my next race I just know it. And I am sincerely hoping it is
The former and not the latter.

My family comes into town this weekend and while this is awesome it also adds to my bundle of nerves. I just need to get more sleep (someone's back to pre 6am wake ups!) and really try not to eat like a horse till after the marathon.

That is all. :)


Eric and Andrea said...

I can't believe race time is here already for you! Time really flies. Have a great pre-race week!!

Have Your Way said...

AHHHH 6 days till you RUN! INSANE!!! I know you can do it girl!!!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Sounds like an awesome week Ruth! Tapering is so hard but I think you are doing it perfectly. Cool weather? When I checked yesterday it said 80 degrees. Yikes!!

You should send me your phone number on fb so we can try to meet up at some point. :)

Missy said...

5 days to go! You are going to do great!

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

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