Saturday, April 07, 2012

Happy Easter

Super excited to start downloading conference talks today and catch up on last weekend.

As of last night, All the m&ms are nestled all snug in their eggs, kevs bullied out of his basket cuz he hit little d's head.

This is probably the only year we can get away with fruit snacks and baby fruit smoothies as "treats". And the egg hunt is going to be all kinds of exciting this morning even if it is at 6am :)

8 days till I get to take a part in history. Excitement doesn't begin to describe it. And one week left till I get my
Husband back!!!!!!!!


Have Your Way said...

Happy Easter!!!!! YAY for almost getting Mr. D back!!!

Have fun barely running this week!

anna. said...

fruit snacks...yummm

Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

um...fruit snacks are still a treat to me. just saying (:

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