Sunday, April 22, 2012

21 months

Probably the most incredible thing about this age is little d's ability to storytell. Whenever something happens (like he sees me crack an egg and not get it all in the bowl) he eagerly and very dramatically waves his stubby little arms around amid gasps of "mom! oh! egg! oh, no! Tow-well? Eeen-up!"

He adores his uncle cory, or Too-eey as we hear echo throughout the house. Every day. At least two or three dozen times a day. But Cory is a good sport and lets little d hang out with him and Dani (Dah-neee).
EveryTHING has a name and little d acknowledges it, not just every person. Some of his favorite things/people (and he freely says hello/goodbye/goodnight to any and all of them):
trains (choo choo),
airport (arr poht),
planes (pya-ne),
is extremely adept with the ipad, which has peekaboo barn game (Barn)
any and all iphones in the vicinity, especially if they have Angry Birds (birds) or PBSKids (Elmo/Abbie/"Yorch" or curious george)
Cory (too-eey),
Daniel (dah-noh),
Mike (mite),
Darsi (darfee),
Astrid (abbie),
grandpa (bap pah),
Anna and Sarah (which he pronounces surprisingly perfect and well now considering he called them "ay-yah" and "yay-yah" for the last six months),
Brady (whom he doesn't remember meeting but there are enough photos around the house that he will recognize him when the time does come to meet him again),
Blake (Bee-yate),
baseball, soccer balls (kick!), basketballs (hoop ball),
stuff between his toes (still "ball-ball"), but now he enjoys putting things in between his toes,
all the stuffed animals he carries around: Daddy Bear (one of Mr. D's bears he had as a baby), Daniel bear (the one DK and I picked out at Buildabear when I was pregnant), Wausau Bear, Mickey mouse (who he still refers to as Minnie Mouse since "C", "K" happen to be the letters he has the hardest time with still,
dogs (wufs), horses (neigh), ducks (dah-dut!),
Blues Clues, Dora, Elmo, Curious George,
Fruit Snacks (guess where he gets that addiction from?),
Muffins (mah-fens, which sounds really similar to his rendition of My Friends).

Also sounding similar these days AH-DEN being "all done" and "again". Add "G" and "L" to the letters we are still working on saying.

Knows when he is tired and through the tears usually mumbles the phrase "I nap peas" and goes down very easily (knock on wood).

Food loves still noodles (asks for them at every meal), yogurt, hot dogs, bananas, any kind of cracker or cookie, waffle (wah-foll) and Thursday he tried (and LOVED!) crabcake!! Go figure.

He can count to 10 on his own, loves learning song with hand gestures (see above), and overall is absolutely hilarious to be around. I thought things couldn't get any better after last month but it has. We are steady sleeping 8pm-ish to 6am, then a good 2 hour nap around noon. He's turning out to be a pretty awesome little kid. And gorgeous to boot.


Eric and Andrea said...

Too precious. Where has little d gone? He grew up so fast!!

anna. said...

<3 <3 <3


Sarah Elizabeth Kron said...

he looks so adorable next to tooey! love love love that little guy (little d...not corey :) !!

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